Request to separate the path project to soon construct Tran Hung Dao bridge

Request to separate the path project to soon construct Tran Hung Dao bridge

TPO – Hanoi People’s Committee has just met on the progress of preparing for the implementation of Tran Hung Dao bridge across the Red River in the inner city area. To speed up preparation work, city leaders requested that the connection road project be separated into a separate project.

Hanoi City Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board (Transportation Board) said that according to the established plan, Tran Hung Dao Bridge will have preparation and design work in 2023 – 2024. ; Construction will take place in the period 2025-2027, basically completed in 2027.

According to the Traffic Department, the investor’s architectural plan was submitted to the investor’s competition. The architectural plan with code THD12 was awarded the first prize. This plan carries the idea of ​​creating a new symbolic bridge of central Hanoi. , with the main arch structure consisting of 2 curves that touch each other repeating 6 spans to create an infinity image.

“Tran Hung Dao Bridge plays a very important role in connecting the two banks of the Red River, completing the Capital’s transportation network, creating the image of the Capital by the river…”, informed a representative of the Traffic Department.

Architectural plan of Tran Hung Dao bridge.

Regarding project investment capital, the Transportation Committee proposed that the city use public investment capital to implement component project 1. Component project 2 is implemented in the form of a PPP contract (public-private partnership), type of BOT (build – operate – transfer) contract with a usage rate of 50% of local budget capital and included in the list of projects attracting investment in the city.

Commenting on the above, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Duong Duc Tuan requested the Traffic Department to coordinate with consulting units and related units to research appropriate investment plans, ensuring feasibility. exam.

In particular, consider separating the path item connecting to Nguyen Van Linh street into a separate project (research implemented with public investment capital), helping the project to start construction soon.

Along with that, Hanoi city leaders also requested to clearly define investment mechanisms and resources for main bridges (BOT, budget). In case of investment using the PPP method, the budget capital must not exceed 50% of the total investment. With the technical plan, it is necessary to carefully study solutions for traffic connection and infrastructure connection at both ends of the bridge to ensure optimal conditions; Agree on the plan to arrange only 1 branch leading to the bridge from the 5th intersection of Tran Hung Dao street. The remaining up and down branches are arranged to ensure appropriate traffic organization on Tran Quang Khai street; At the same time, carefully study the branches that reasonably connect the Long Bien bridgehead with the Long Bien – Xuan Quan dike road and Co Linh street, the intersection with Nguyen Van Linh street”, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Duong Duc Tuan requested. bridge.

Tran Hung Dao bridge project has private construction capital invested by the project planning unit, Him Lam Joint Stock Company, with more than 16,374 billion VND, the project is located in Hoan Kiem districts (wards: Phan Chu Trinh, Chuong Duong), Hai Ba Trung district (Bach Dang ward) and Long Bien district (Long Bien, Bo De, Gia Thuy wards). The project’s starting point is at the intersection of Tran Hung Dao – Tran Thanh Tong streets; The end point is at the intersection with National Highway 5A (Nguyen Van Linh street). The entire route length is about 5.6km.

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