“Response 13” will be launched tomorrow to raise the readiness of 44 agencies that protect the marine and coastal environment

“Response 13” will be launched tomorrow to raise the readiness of 44 agencies that protect the marine and coastal environment

Al Jazeera – Waheeb Al Wahaibi

The thirteenth mission to combat oil spills and harmful substances in the Kingdom’s territorial waters will be launched tomorrow, Tuesday, under the name “Response 13”, whose implementation is supervised by the National Center for Oversight of Environmental Compliance in cooperation with all relevant governmental and private sectors to raise national capabilities to protect the marine environment in Territorial waters along the coast of the Kingdom.

The thirteenth exercise will be held tomorrow at the local level in the Jazan region, according to the annual plans drawn up to hold the exercise in various coastal regions of the Kingdom, to raise the state of alert and ensure the readiness of the joint efforts of 44 government and private agencies in order to combat any pollutants that threaten the marine and coastal environment.

In this context, Saad Al-Matrafi, the centre’s official spokesman, stressed the importance of this exercise, which comes as an extension of the series of periodic annual exercises carried out by the centre, with the aim of unifying efforts to deal with any emergency, God forbid, in accordance with the national plan.

Al-Matrafi explained that the aim of holding the exercise with the participation of all these concerned parties at the same time is to ensure the ability to protect the marine and coastal environment, in order to ensure food and water security and to preserve natural habitats in addition to facilitating the navigational and commercial movement of goods and merchandise, and avoiding any negative impact on the environment and society. .

Noting that the Center was keen to qualify specialized national cadres, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, to preserve the marine environment under systematic environmental programs aimed at protecting the Kingdom’s coasts and their environmental habitats, and through the largest marine fleet for environmental emergencies in the Middle East, in which advanced monitoring, surveying and control techniques are used to contain any pollution. It threatens natural habitats. In addition to specialized helicopters and spraying planes to combat spills using environmentally friendly materials.

More than 44 entities from military and civilian government sectors and coastal facilities participate in the one-day hypothesis. The management of the hypothesis will be simulated through a mock oil spill in territorial waters, monitored via satellite and dealt with via a joint operations room and advanced technologies, with the aim of ensuring rapid and effective intervention. In cases of environmental disasters, coastal protection and the Kingdom’s economy.


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