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Trends in the age of the world’s population Live longer Make various agencies both private and government Trying to provide activities that will help increase and strengthen the stability of people, uncles and aunts, in a lively manner. Sometimes there will be a lot of commotion. That must have been because one of the old people in the house fell down. It means children and other family members. It will be set up and staggered, both directly and indirectly. Both physically and mentally Including it may extend to money and property.

For finding “helpers” for the elderly to live happily, safely, and have a good quality of life. In addition to creating recreational activities It seems that there are many programs about providing knowledge to relieve loneliness and prevent being deceived and taken advantage of. Because it’s gone.

Old people have to go bankrupt because of call center gangs. The gang is tricking people into selling stocks. It’s painful. Because until you can save a lump sum of money to use at the end of your life. It’s not like everyone wins the lottery and gets rich.

Recently, I saw that the Stock Exchange of Thailand has selected “sustainable stocks” in the market to present to the public. Let it feel like This is a look at the trend of the elderly population that should have safety insurance as a primary basis. If thinking of using the money to further invest in the stock market

I would like to compliment you on your attentiveness. Because the investment trend is similar to the trend of the number of elderly people in Thai society. knowing how to choose “Sustainable stocks” to last longer with our lives It is considered a guarantee of a certain level of life path. Otherwise, old people will get so caught up in the trends, promotion stocks, and spin stocks that they can’t see that people with good looks and reputations in that society Rotten background There are quite a few.

Retirement will bring happiness. The money you save can grow. In order not to be a burden on our children and grandchildren…is that true?


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