Returning home for reunions and traveling abroad in a hurry during the World Year

Returning home for reunions and traveling abroad in a hurry during the World Year

“I’ve been craving beef brisket noodles for three years and now I finally have it, and it still tastes the same as in my memory.” said Chen Yingxi, an overseas Chinese who returned to his hometown in Zhanjiang from London.

A steaming bowl of beef brisket noodles filled the “Chinese stomach” and relieved the fatigue of nearly 25 hours of running around.

After graduating from high school, Chen Yingxi left Zhanjiang to study and work hard abroad. After obtaining a master’s degree in the UK, he stayed there to work as a quantitative analyst. In the past ten years, she has returned to her hometown only a handful of times.

Chen Yingxi told reporters that she took advantage of this trip to her hometown to apply for a new driver’s license and other documents. Her driver’s license has expired in 2022, but she has been unable to return to China to replace it because she is overseas. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to drive during the Chinese New Year, but I didn’t expect to get a new driver’s license in just over an hour.” Chen Yingxi said that the process and speed of re-issuance made her feel that Zhanjiang’s development is becoming more convenient for people.

“I was staring at the flight route screen on the plane. When I saw the plane arriving in China, I said to myself, ‘Welcome home.’ I am a native of Zhanjiang. I have not been home for the New Year in three years. I want to spend more time with my family this year. .” Chen Yingxi said that on New Year’s Eve, she and her parents went to the Chen Ancestral Hall to worship their ancestors. Reading Chen’s family motto and looking through old photos, I felt very emotional. She hopes that Zhanjiang and London can open direct flights as soon as possible, so that tourists from Zhanjiang can often go home and visit.

Chang Cheng Fuqiang, president of the UAE Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce and Hometowns Association, started busy making buns and steaming steamed buns on the eve of the Chinese New Year, in order to let the elderly in his family have a taste of his craftsmanship.

“For those of us who have been working hard outside all year round, no matter how good it is in the world, it is better to go home to celebrate the New Year.” Cheng Fuqiang said that he is busy with work on weekdays and rarely has the opportunity to go home to accompany his parents. It is a blessing to be able to reunite with my family during the Spring Festival, chatting and cooking family reunion dinner together, and I don’t feel tired even after traveling for more than 10 hours.

Before returning to China for the New Year, Cheng Fuqiang also organized a dragon team to participate in the 2024 “Warm Spring Festival and Happy Spring Festival” parade organized by the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, celebrating the Chinese New Year with overseas Chinese and foreign friends. Cheng Fuqiang said that China and the United Arab Emirates have fully exempted each other from visas, and he hopes to bring foreign friends to his hometown in the future to experience the lively atmosphere of Chinese traditional festivals.

At present, China has achieved comprehensive mutual visa exemption with many countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and the Maldives. As it becomes more and more convenient for Chinese citizens to travel abroad, some compatriots also choose to spend the Spring Festival holiday overseas.

Zhang Hong was looking for a Bak Kut Teh restaurant in Singapore when he connected with reporters. She told reporters that this is her second year coming to Singapore to celebrate the Spring Festival. She purchased a flight ticket to Singapore on February 9, which coincided with the first day of the mutual visa exemption policy between China and Singapore. It was very convenient to enter the country on the day of entry.

Zhang Hong said that the Spring Festival in Singapore is “full of New Year flavor”, and there are activities to celebrate the New Year in Chinatown and Gardens by the Bay. She planned to visit the Chinese restaurant she had been to before, talk to the boss about the current situation, and wish her New Year’s greetings.


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