Revealing the worrying symptoms of ‘Bung’, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice, and he insists on not getting treatment!

Revealing the worrying symptoms of ‘Bung’, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice, and he insists on not getting treatment!

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12 Feb. 2024 – The Facebook page Thalu Wang – ThaluWang revealed the condition of Ms. Netiporn Sanae Sangkhom or Bung, the leader of the Thalu Wang group, that officials brought Bung out to meet a lawyer at the lawyer meeting room. Bung had a very tired expression. Yellow body, yellow eyes But the eyes are still fighting. and asked about the insurance results last Friday.

Symptoms currently found I want to vomit all the time.

During the conversation, he frequently appeared to vomit and hiccup. Stomach pain and dizziness all the time. Tired and have to slump on the table or lean on the backrest. Stomach pain. Urine leaks. When I go to the bathroom, two drops come out. But I feel pain in my stomach. And when peeing, it feels very painful.

Now the skin is dry. The mouth has bleeding gums. And there is a smell of blood all the time. The staff had to bring Mybacin mouthwash to rinse.

Bung had already informed the officials that he couldn’t come down to visit and wanted to request a visit via LINE instead. He said, “Come out and visit,” then patted Bung on the shoulder twice. He forced the slug to come down.

There was a female doctor who said to Bung, “When the sun was shining, there were still people who understood the trend better, but now. The masses didn’t take it too.” Bung replied, “Bung is fighting the justice process.”

While sitting, visiting I vomited. He vomited for a long time until a correctional officer came and saw him. Lawyers and relatives initially tried to get correctional officers to help Bung. But the official said that they were notifying the volunteer nurse to come stay. Waited about 5 -10 minutes, then the volunteer nurse came. Two volunteer nurses gave the slug an inhaler and helped carry the slug out of the visiting room. By having Bung use both arms to hang around the neck of the volunteer nurse. and the two volunteer nurses carried the cat’s leg up.

Bung still insists on no blood tests, no treatment, insisting that the justice process must be reformed and changed. and confirmed that if the court is not the end of justice Thai people cannot trust that they will have a guarantee of fairness.


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