Revitalization of the Khorichai River in the west of Tehran This river becomes a hangout for tourists

Revitalization of the Khorichai River in the west of Tehran  This river becomes a hangout for tourists

About the details of this tourism project, Faramarz Akbari told Hamshahri Online: In the 21st region, just like the 2nd and 5th regions, there is a recreational river called Ghorichai, which is supposed to be used next year to create a huge recreational park similar to the Nahjul Balagha and Jowanmardan parks in the 21st region. to have

Pointing out that this project, if approved, will be one of the prestigious projects in West Tehran, he added about the cost estimate of this project and how to finance its implementation: Considering that the project of Ghorichai project has not yet been approved, the cost estimate has not been done, but definitely It will be one of the expensive projects, but our plan is to do collaborative work with the private sector for this project, and there is not going to be much use of the municipal budget in this project.

According to the vice president of planning and human resources development of the 21st region municipality, in order to finance the implementation of the Ghorichai tourism project, the private sector investor is supposed to implement the plan and take his expenses from the recreation area that he creates in the place.

Akbari announced the implementation of 3 other construction projects in the 21st region and said: In addition to the Ghorichai project, the municipality of the 21st region has several extra-regional construction projects in its plans, one of which is the Dugaz project. This project will facilitate the connection between the 21st and 22nd regions, because currently, according to the traffic we have from the satellite cities, passing vehicles enter the Metosslian-Baghestan highway and then enter the Lashkari highway, and they have very little connection with the north of the Karaj highway, i.e., the 22nd area. The implementation of this project facilitates this access.

About the dimensions of this construction plan, he added: This big project is a huge multi-level bridge that, in addition to creating a north-south connection between 22 and 21 and vice versa, it will also create entrances and exits to the Karaj highway. This project had ownership problems for many years, but now these problems have been solved, and Khatam-ul-Anbiya headquarters has taken over the implementation of this project through the contract that it concluded with the Technical and Civil Engineering Organization of Tehran Municipality for the implementation of this project.

The deputy of planning and human resources development of the 21st region municipality announced the estimated cost of implementing this project over 1000 billion tomans and added: The project has been promised to start in April next year and its implementation will begin as soon as the workshop is equipped.

Akbari said about the other big project in the 21st region: Another project we have planned is to improve the Iran Khodro underpass. Currently, there is a north-south underpass on Iran Khodro Street under the Karaj highway, which is one-way and small. The implementation of this project, which connects the 21st and 22nd areas from the location of Iran Khodro Street, will begin in April, and with its implementation, the existing underpass will be widened and the south-to-north lane will be created. According to the Deputy Mayor of Region 21, the cost of the Iran Khodro underpass project is approximately 250 billion Tomans.


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