Riyadh will host the fifteenth session of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water tomorrow

Riyadh will host the fifteenth session of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water tomorrow

Under the slogan “DevelopmentH SustainableH FY The logicH Al Arabiya – The Sixth Goal… Challenges and Opportunities”, launches…Y Riyadh the day after tomorrow Business The roleH thefifthH Ten for the Ministerial CouncilY ArabsY For water, and the Arab ConferenceY thefifth for water, and lasts for two days; To search for visionsH My futureH To achieve thesecurity waterY Sustainable FY The Arab world, and the adoption of a mapH Inspiring pathH To achieve security waterY ArabsY Sustainable.

The role is discussedH thefifthH Ten for the Ministerial CouncilY ArabsY DYes possibilityYH Line implementationH ExecutiveH For a strategistH thesecurity waterY FY LogicH Arabic; To confrontH Future challenges and requirementsH For developmentH Sustainable, as well as followerH LineH DevelopmentH SustainableH 2030 regarding the water sectorH With logicH Arab, and promoting and supporting Arab cooperationY FY Exploitation of water resourcesH Shared.

Also looking for the roleH Arab ways of preparationY For the participantH FY Global ForumsH For water, and reviewing the initiativeH theprovinceYH To interconnect energy sectorsH And waterH And food FY Arab countriesH AndActiveCome on, addition to Presenting experiences, success stories and pioneering projectsH FY The Arab homelandY FY The field of water resources, and the encroachments of the Israeli occupationY FY to stealH WaterH ArabiH Who plateauedH Syrian GolanH The occupied areas, southern Lebanese regions, and territoriesY PalestinianH Occupied.

The conference activities include dialogue sessionsH Witnessed by the conferenceYes Over the course of two days, with participantsIt is more correctDependent fatherY Water MinistersH and water resourcesH And irrigation, side by side to Together with delegations from Arab countriesH and Arab organizationsH Andprovinceexperts and specialists, with the aim of strengthening Arab cooperationY Subscriber.

It is provided by a deputy ministerH EnvironmentH And waterH And agricultureH For the waterH Dr. Abdulaziz bin Muharib Al-ShaibanY FY inauguralH The conference gave a comprehensive presentation during the sessionH thefirstTo introduce the most important…completionAtt AltY F achievedY water sector, addition to Presentation of initiatives and strategiesY It has been approved by the Kingdom to promote and support sustainabilityH WateryH, And achieve Goals VisionsH SaudiH 2030. What followsHanded He sat downH the secondH Arab effortsH FY Achieving the sixth goal of Goals DevelopmentH Sustainable, and most importantH administration Water stockY StrategyY FY A number of Arab countries.

And tttHanded He sat downH the thirdH DYes AdaptH Strategies of logic statesH With the strategies ofsecurity waterY Arab, and evaluation of future alternativesH For system Administrative Sustainable for water. While the session discussesH the fourthH My importanceH The role of civil organizationsH And internationalH FY oppositeH Water sector challengesH FY The Arab world, supporting and strengthening administration Water resourcesH IntegratedH FY Region.

During the second day, the council dominatedH thefifthH AltY It is titled “Modern Financing Methods.”H “For Water Projects” is highlightedYes Strategies and methods of financing water projectsH Innovatively and sustainably, it also provides insightH generalH About my importanceH Financing linked to SDG 6H SustainableH With logicH Arabic, while reviewing the sessionH VIH The topic ofadministration IntegratedH For water resourcesH And its challenges under the influence of growthAnd Population, as the session progressedH A proposed model foradministration IntegratedH For water sourcesH FY Under circumstances PoliticianH And economicalH And socialH a variableH “Currently.”H Palestine”, addition to Challenges and prospects foradministration IntegratedH LamiaH Correct drainageY HealerH FY LogicH Arabic.

While reviewing the sessionH The dialogueH SeventhH The role of theframework founderY And the lawY To sustainH Water sourcesH And its services, and ways to enhance cooperationY Water fieldH Through the ecosystem interconnectedness approachY For the waterH And energyH food, and institutional frameworksH And legislativeH OrganizerH To protect meH Water Resources, addition to Protection frameworksH LegalH for water resourcesH Its sustainability, and ways to enable restorationH Use of waterH FY LogicH Arabic.

The session unfoldedH The dialogueH theeighthH About valuesH WaterH The circular economyY FY ContributorH FY Supporting the national economy, and crowningH NahAnd ProcessorH WaterH exhaustH And repeatH Use it in the region, and adopt valuesH WaterH The circular economyY And generate energyH Renewable, as well as DYes possibilityYH Interconnectedness of the ecosystemY And energyH And food.

AndTtHanded He sat downH NinthH Topic “Modern TechnologiesH “For rain seeding to reduce water stress.”AndRelated issues are discussedH By being judgedH Al-RashidH FY administration Water, review theframework lookY Practical applications are discussed possibilityYH Technology integration Internet theThings; To enhance efficiencyH Use of waterH FY BuildingsY government, and focus onYes Innovative applicationsH Mobile Technologies FY water field, addition to Qualitative reviewH BenefitH Data from remote sensing and digital modelingH FY to improve administration WaterH and sustainability, then the conference concludes with a sessionH ClosingH To come up with a number of recommendationsY Ensures the strengthening and consolidation of thesecurity waterY Arabi.


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