Robbery at businessman’s house in Orangi, under-training DSP arrested

Robbery at businessman’s house in Orangi, under-training DSP arrested

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According to the investigation report of the robbery of a businessman’s house in the Orangi Town area of ​​Karachi, the involvement of officers under the leadership of DSP under training has been confirmed. SSP South Imran Qureshi was removed from the post, DSP under training Umeer Tariq was arrested.

According to police officials, a case of police robbery at the house of businessman Shakir Khan in Orangi Town has been registered in Pirabad police station while DSP Umeer Tariq has been arrested on the charge of robbery. .

Serious revelations have come out in the police investigation of a robbery at a businessman’s house in Orangi Town area of ​​Karachi, according to which a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and a trainee Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) were involved in the robbery.

These important revelations have been revealed in the report of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Asim Qaimkhani. The 13-page report termed the police raid as robbery.

In the investigation of the incident, the involvement of officers in the police robbery under the leadership of DSP under training has been confirmed. SSP South Imran Qureshi and DSP Umair Tariq have been declared guilty in the inquiry.

According to the report, under-trained DSP Umeer Tariq, fellow officers and a private team carried out the robbery. 2 officers and 5 private persons in police uniform committed the robbery.

In the inquiry report, it was stated that the police party looted one crore nine million rupees, 60 tolas of gold and other valuables. The looted cash and 70 tolas of gold were kept in a school bag and taken to the DSP office.

The report revealed that DSP Umeer Tariq himself was present at the time of the robbery.

According to the report, SSP South said in his statement that he tasked the trainee officer on the information of the informant regarding terror financing.

On the other hand, DSP Umair Tariq said that the raid was conducted on the information of informers sent by SSP Imran Qureshi. The raid at the house was led by privates assigned by SSP South.

Umeer Tariq said that cash, gold, 12 mobile phones were seized by private individuals.

According to the report, DSP Umeer Tariq introduced the private persons as officials of sensitive institutions.

According to Umeer Tariq, on reaching the office of the police party, 1.5 million more jewels were found in the locker.

He said that he sent two officers from his personal staff, Khurram Ali and Faizan, along with three officers of Shaheen Force for the raid. 5 private persons searched the house, two policemen provided security in the house.

On the other hand, Shaheen Force officials stated that during the raid, we were kept outside the house.

The DSP said in his statement that the lock of the box was broken in my office. The personal driver threw that box out.

Sepoy Khurram Ali said that the police took the mobile and the big vehicle on the instructions of DSP Umair Tariq. The DSP asked to raid on the tip of the sensitive agency and also said that we just have to surround the house.

He said that a briefing was given by 4 persons wearing DSP and masks on the way.

Sepoy Khurram Ali confirmed that DSP Umair Tariq was present in his vehicle at the time of the raid.

Khurram Ali said that the DSP gave instructions to drop the two arrested brothers at the Baloch Colony Bridge.

On the other hand, SHO Defense Shaukat Awan said that SSP South gave instructions to return the goods found in the raid of the sensitive institution.

He said that SSP South Imran Qureshi handed over the bag and shopping bag to me outside the Clifton police station. Handed over all the goods to Shakir and Waseem at the police station and informed the SSP.

The report stated that inconsistencies were found in the two statements of the trainee DSP Umeer Tariq. 85 lakh rupees and some ornaments in the box have not been found yet.

The inquiry report said that according to the statements, the box was handed over to DSP Umeer Tariq. Other complaints against the DSP should also be investigated.

In the investigation report of DIG Asim Qaimkhani, action has been recommended against SSP South and DSP under training.


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