Rubiales: “All the money I have is the result of my work”

Rubiales: “All the money I have is the result of my work”


Luis Rubiales publicly broke his silence on a delayed basis, the same day he returned to Spain to be arrested as soon as he landed in Barajas, he availed himself of his right not to testify at the airport police station and was finally released. «I have worked for many years, as a footballer, president of the union and the federation. All the money I have is the result of my work. Until now I have had no income, but I have had the possibility of meeting people and trying to make a living,” explained the former president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) in a long conversation with journalist Ana Pastor in the La Sexta space. The Objective’, recorded in the Dominican Republic the day before his return, where he had been in recent weeks.

«Of course I’m going to come back, I’ve never said otherwise. The first action of my lawyers was to send a letter to the court to ensure that I would go. First of all, one has to pay attention to the considerations of their lawyers, wait for the titular judge to return from the Easter holidays and do things with due prudence,” he added in relation to his stay in the Caribbean country. despite being investigated for the crimes of money laundering, business corruption, unfair administration and membership in a criminal organization.

«I didn’t feel like continuing to work in football because I have suffered a lot. Four or five months ago, the bank where I had my account called me and told me that they didn’t want to work with me. I love my country, my people. I have lived in Granada very comfortably these months, but there are many possibilities here. I am a lawyer and here you can do hotel business, buying and selling real estate, etc… I have suffered a media beating,” he said about his stay in the Dominican Republic and his difficulties since in recent days both his bank accounts in Spain as in the Caribbean country have been blocked.

«I doubt that anyone I trust has committed an illegality. It is a lie that he has made a difference with apartments here, that he has a baseball team, that he has reached agreements in Cape Verde or that he has built some soccer fields in Saudi Arabia,” he said in his first public statements after the start of the investigation.

«We will have to clarify the doubts but I am not going to question what the law enforcement forces do. I am in the mind of the Civil Guard. I have never worked with the Gruconsa construction company. If they have worked with the Federation it will be because they have passed some filters and they will be the ones who have to respond,” he insisted, taking advantage of the confidentiality of the summary to avoid going into details.

The Super Cup

«It was Kosmos who brought Saudi Arabia. Just like there are other businessmen who brought other people. They said that we had awarded Saudi Arabia for an amount lower than what Qatar gave us. The journalist knew that was a lie. We choose the best offer. The one from Qatar was not even an offer. “It was a proposal that they had to validate in ten days and they did not validate it,” he analyzed after being asked about the contract he signed as president of the FEF and that brought the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, an operation in which the company Kosmos intervened. , owned by former soccer player Gerard Piqué.

«I didn’t speak with Piqué, he sent me a message during the Women’s World Cup. I haven’t talked to him much. A message for the month of September and that’s it. I have never had business in Saudi Arabia. I’m moving with all the contacts I have. I have the right to earn a living. Because, among other things, I am a free person. Although now they are making everything very difficult for me,” she added in relation to that business with the Saudi authorities. «Yesterday they took all my phones from me here. I didn’t want to delete anything and I dumped everything so they could take it. “I didn’t want him to miss anything,” she then said about her contacts and telephone conversations.

The UCO asks to trace Piqué’s accounts in Andorra for alleged commissions from the Super Cup

The Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard asked in September to trace accounts related to the former Barcelona soccer player and president of the Kosmos company, Gerard Piqué, for his alleged relationship with the contract negotiated with Luis Rubiales during his time as president of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) for the Spanish Super Cup to be played in Saudi Arabia, focusing on several transfers.

This is stated in an official letter from the UCO dated September 19, 2023, consulted by Europa Press, in which this unit of the Civil Guard asks the Investigative Court number 4 of Majadahonda (Madrid) to request information from the Andorran authorities, specifically addressed to the banking entity Mora Banc Grup.

The agents focus on accounts of Andorra, a football club owned by Piqué, to find out the destination of the funds coming from an account titled by Kosmos. In this account, it says verbatim, “the success commissions paid by SELA Sport Company have been collected in consideration for the intermediation services provided in the negotiations with the FEF for the dispute of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi territory.” These commissions are estimated by the UCO at “four million euros per year.”


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