Russia changes the tactics of using missiles: what does this say?

Russia changes the tactics of using missiles: what does this say?

November 21…

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Exactly two months ago, on September 21, the Russians carried out the last missile strike using Kh-101/555 cruise missiles.

On September 25, they used KRMB “Caliber” and similarly, they have not used them since that time.

Thus, in the past two months, only due to the production of missiles, the ROV could prepare at least 120 units of X-101/555 and from 60 to 90 KRMB “Calibre”.

To clarify, if anyone has forgotten, this is not even the potential of a missile strike on February 24, 2022. For the whole of October 2022, Russia used more than 170 missiles in Ukraine, of different nomenclature, but mostly X-101/555.

What does this mean?

Despite the presence of the production of missiles, Russia is unable to replenish their stockpile as quickly as it should use them to obtain conditional efficiency. In 2022-2023 it did not achieve the set goal – a total blackout throughout Ukraine and the complete destruction of the energy system, but only provoked the strengthening of both its survivability and protection.

Now Russia can produce in 2 months what it spent in a day at the beginning of the war, and as of October 2022 – in a month.

Of course, this will affect the tactics of using missiles in the winter period of 2023-2024, which will play a secondary role, and kamikaze drones, on the contrary, will play the main role.

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