Russia is preparing terrorist attacks in Belarus: details

Russia is preparing terrorist attacks in Belarus: details


It is possible that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will sacrifice his old “associate” Alexander Lukashenko when implementing this plan. Photo: TASS

Russia is planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Belarus in the near future and blame it on Belarusian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine.

Thus, the Kremlin intends to achieve several goals, one of which is to increase the resonance after the terrorist attack in the Moscow region and obtain new “grounds” for accusing Ukraine of terrorism. This is reported by the Robert Lansing Institute, referring to insights obtained from one of the European special services.

In addition, Moscow does not lose hope of drawing Belarus into a war with Ukraine, thus “pulling” part of the Ukrainian troops from the south and east to the northern borders of our country.

According to a representative of European intelligence, the Kremlin is now working on the organization of terrorist attacks on Belarusian soil in order to blame the Kalinovsky Regiment, an anti-Lukashenkov unit fighting against Russia together with Ukrainian troops.

“In this way, the Kremlin intends to increase the public effect of the mass shooting in Crocus City Hall, as well as fabricate another opportunity to accuse Ukraine of terrorism, support of terrorist networks and radical groups,” RLI said in a statement.

Belarusian volunteers from the Kalinovsky Regiment were chosen by Moscow for the role of terrorists not by chance: having discredited this unit, the Kremlin hopes to get closer to the fulfillment of another long-standing goal: to draw Belarus directly into the war against Ukraine.

The RLI suspects that the statements of the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko that “Belarus is getting ready for war”, the Belarusian troops are undergoing exercises, and additional equipment is being supplied to the military units, may also not be a coincidence.

At the same time, the participation of Belarusian troops in a direct war against Ukraine is not necessary for the Kremlin because Lukashenko’s troops are distinguished by increased combat capability. On the contrary, RLI analysts estimate the combat potential of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus as quite low.

Belarusians, as participants in the war against Ukraine, are needed by the Kremlin as a diversionary maneuver: their task is to draw back Ukrainian forces before the start of Moscow’s planned offensive in Ukraine.

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Analysts believe that the involvement of Belarus in the war would create local centers of hostilities along the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, which would force Kyiv to withdraw part of its reserve forces from the zone of hostilities to the border with Belarus.

“As a result, the Russians would have maneuvered part of their troops in the Kharkiv or Sumy directions. This scenario confirms the warning about Russia’s upcoming offensive on Kharkiv and Kyiv,” the article says.

An additional “bonus” in the event of such a development of events in the Kremlin can be considered the opportunity to blame the USA, whose military aid to Ukraine has practically ceased to exist, for the “fall of Kyiv” and to draw parallels with the withdrawal of the Western coalition from Afghanistan. The ultimate goal of these accused is to show the USA as a state that is no longer able to remain the guarantor of Europe’s security.

Another goal of the mentioned maneuvers is to “suppress” Lukashenko, who, despite the documents on the “union state” signed with the Russian Federation, in fact continues to resist Belarus’ complete relinquishment of sovereignty in favor of Russia. It is possible that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin when implementing this plan, he will sacrifice his old “associate”.

The scenario of the overthrow of Lukashenko becomes more likely against the background of the lack of visible prospects for Russia’s further advancement on the Ukrainian battlefields and the transition to trench warfare from May 2023.

“The RLI analysts have pointed to factors over the past two years that indicate that Russia is preparing to absorb Belarus and bring a puppet regime to power. In turn, this will provide Putin with a number of new opportunities, including the total conscription of Belarusian men, which we warned about in May last year,” the article noted.

At the same time, with his recent statements, Lukashenko himself unwittingly made the scenario with his overthrow more real. His rhetoric recently contradicts the Kremlin’s narrative, analysts believe, citing as an example Lukashenko’s recent statement that terrorists from “Crocus” tried to escape not to Ukraine, as Putin had convinced, but to Belarus.

That is why the RLI does not rule out that attacks planned by the Kremlin can be directed, including at the political leadership of Belarus, which, Moscow expects, will significantly facilitate its task of forcing Minsk to enter the war against Ukraine.

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declared that his country was preparing for war.

Official Minsk allegedly does not want to fight, but is preparing for it, BelTA writes. In Belarus, the preparation of the relevant subdivisions and more continues.

Various types of weapons and equipment are supplied to Belarus.


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