Russians in Crimea are forced to move their troops

Russians in Crimea are forced to move their troops

Southern Defense Speaker Natalya Humenyuk spoke about the actions of the Russians in Crimea. Photo: RBC

The Russian occupiers are forced to constantly move the military in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

All because of the effective work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which created “holes” in their defense, said the representative of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine Natalya Humenyuk on the air of the “Front Line” program.

“Their maneuvers are aimed more at redistributing the anti-aircraft defense system, because we made a hole in it,” she said.

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The Russians are also redistributing ammunition stocks, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine know all the locations, Humenyuk reported.

The occupiers in Crimea are not at peace enough – their positions are being hit constantly.

“It’s very disturbing for the air component as well – the “ghost of Belbek” haunts other locations as well,” the speaker said.

On Wednesday, January 31, explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Crimea. In particular, an attack was made on the occupied airfield in Belbek.

Ukrainian Defense Forces shot down at least three Russian military aircraft during the attack on Belbek airfield. The enemy personnel were also liquidated.


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