Russia’s full defense of Iran in the Security Council If your consulate is targeted…

Russia’s full defense of Iran in the Security Council  If your consulate is targeted…


According to Hamshahri Online, the representative of Russia, Vassily Nebenzia, said in the emergency meeting of the Security Council regarding the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus: “We condemn in the strongest possible way the targeting of the embassy building of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which killed its employees.”

We have never approved the attack on diplomatic centers and we condemn it.

According to the 1963 Vienna Convention, the diplomatic immunity of embassy employees should be respected.

This is not the first action of Israel to attack civilians in Syria, since the beginning of October 7th until today, we have witnessed the multiplication of Israeli actions against civilians.
Over the past few months, Israeli planes have targeted various airports, including the Damascus airport, which has been the gateway for humanitarian aid from the United Nations.

“Despite the fact that American officials issue loud statements about this, they remain silent against Israel’s actions.”

It is unbelievable that America did not know about the attack on the Iranian consulate

The representative of Russia in the Security Council also said to the representative of France: “You did not say a word in condemning the violation of international laws by Israel. If your own consulate was targeted, would you react the same way?”

America is always proud of its first-hand information, but it has not obtained any information regarding the attack on the Iranian consulate, and this is not believable.

Westerners not only did not condemn Israel’s attack, but also accuse Iran. “You can’t tell victims not to react if they are attacked.”


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