‘Saint Supaphong’ leads the team in worshiping the Girl’s Love series ‘Fun Rak Sleeping Beauty’

‘Saint Supaphong’ leads the team in worshiping the Girl’s Love series ‘Fun Rak Sleeping Beauty’


It’s almost time to serve the delights of GL fans, so IDOLFACTORY is holding an auspicious time to hold a ceremony to worship the Girl’s Love series, the second story of the company, “My marvelous dream is you” led by 2 organizers. Khon Keng Saint-Supaphong Udomkaewkanchana and Chain-Kachen Sodpho, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Idol Factory Company Limited.

Also joined by Mr. Chakrit Direkwattanachai, Deputy Managing Director. Office of Corporate Affairs and Communications, BEC World Public Company Limited and skilled directors Teacher A-Natthaphong Wongkaepairoj The cast of actors in the story is led by Fae-Kanyaphat Na Nakhon playing the role of Dawan, Mae-Yada Watcharamusik playing the role of Kimhan, Prae-Nelinyan. Thawee Arayapat plays the role of Dr. Pam, Ploynoi-Ravintheera Panpatana plays the role of Dokrak, Sylvie-Pavida Morichi plays the role of Toon, Mint-Mintita Wattanakul plays the role of Mi. Nani, Nam-Ontara Poolsak played the role of Samorn, Fran-Prompatcha Sanitwong played the role of Jessie, Songjet-Sarochinee Phetampai played the role of Mali, Heng-Asawarit Pinitkanchanaphan plays the role of Mawin and Phum-Nattapas Tantisathianchai plays the role of Pat at the BTS Skytrain linking area. National Stadium Station, MBK Center Shopping Center

You can watch #dreamofsleepinglove Get it every Wednesday night at 10:45 p.m. on #Channel 3 press 33 and #More than TV at 3plus. Watch reruns of UNCUT for free on Youtube: IDOLFACTORY OFFICIAL, starting with the first episode on May 8th. Follow information about the various movements of the series on all social media channels, type @DreamGLIDF.


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