Salary negotiations between the City Council and the workers union advance

Salary negotiations between the City Council and the workers union advance

MONCLOVA, COAH.- The mayor Mario Dávila Delgadoannounced important progress in the conversations held with the review commission of the salary table of the Union of Bureaucratic Workers to the Service of the Municipality of Monclova.

According to Dávila Delgado, it is hoped that a satisfactory agreement will be reached for both parties. before the deadline of February 14.

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“We have held several meetings to discuss the salary increase, although we managed to reach some preliminary agreements, we are working to define the final verdict in the days before the deadline expires”stated the Mayor.

Dávila Delgado highlighted the positive and communicative relationship with the union.

“Both parties are fully aware of the proposals and counterproposals, which gives us confidence in reaching a satisfactory agreement without major inconveniences,” he pointed.

The last meeting with the review commission took place last Friday; Although it is common for each party to present its positions at the beginning of the negotiations, at the end it is reached favorable agreements.

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“The applications submitted are within reasonable limits and the economic possibilities are responsibly considered, taking into account the level of inflation”explained Dávila Delgado.

As he City hall As the labor union show willingness to continue conversations in a constructive manner, prioritizing the well-being of workers and the proper functioning of municipal services.


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