Salvo from US Vice President Harris to Biden! ”I am ready to serve”

Salvo from US Vice President Harris to Biden!  ”I am ready to serve”

US Vice President Kamala Harris made a statement regarding Biden’s age debates in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. The reporter asked Harris whether she needed to convince the voters, reminding her that there were age debates about Biden. Harris responded, “I’m ready to serve. There’s no question about that.” she said.

Vice President Harris noted that her leadership capacity was also seen by other people.


US Specialized Prosecutor Robert Hur announced that he “knowingly” kept secret documents from President Joe Biden’s home, but that he would not file charges against Biden due to both his cooperation in the investigation and his “too weak memory” to remember the details about the documents.

“In a trial, Mr. Biden will likely present himself to the jury as a sympathetic, well-intentioned old man with a short memory, just as he did in his meeting with us,” Hur wrote in his report. He included the sentence:


In two different statements made in January 2023, it was reported that there were secret documents belonging to Biden’s periods in the Senate and as vice president, both in Biden’s personal office at the Penn Biden Center and later in a part of his home.

Biden responded to Hur’s report: “He told me that his memory is not good, but my memory is good. It was stated that I do not remember the year of my son’s death, how dare they do this, who can forget this.” At the press conference where he reacted with the following statements, his statement, “I met with Mexican President Sisi” while answering a question about Gaza, became a trending topic in the American public and media.

Particularly Republican Congress members shared the video section containing this sentence of Biden on their social media accounts and commented, “Biden is not suitable for the presidency.”


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