San Bartolomé finalizes tender for selective collection, increasingly overwhelmed

San Bartolomé finalizes tender for selective collection, increasingly overwhelmed


The City Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana finalizes the procedures to put out to tender the service of selective waste collection given the obvious situation that it is increasingly difficult to meet the needs of the municipality. Not in vain, the contract has expired for 5 years, since 2019.

The councilor of the area, Ruymán Cardoso, informs that the specifications have already been drawn up and that the forecast is that they may go out to tender this year. It will make it possible to renew the machinery and provide the service with a reinforcement cleaning brigade.

Businessmen from the tourist area, both Playa del Inglés and Campo Internacional, in Maspalomas, complained these days about the bad image that was given during Holy Week due to the presence of Garbage accumulated outside the containers. In fact, they provided photos showing overflowing and overflowing tanks in streets such as Avenida del Oasis or Avenida de Tenerife.

“The problem is in the collection of paper, cardboard and plastic,” detail the complainants, who emphasize that the presence of waste represents little less than “an insult to the guests” of their establishments, which not only leave them with a feeling of neglect and abandonment, but are also sometimes forced to leave the sidewalk because the garbage blocks their path.

Cardoso recognizes that on days or periods of greater influx of visitors, such as summer or Easter, the current logistics of the service, also in accordance with the provisions of the contract that was awarded in 2010, can no longer cope, and this translates into the presence of clogged containerization points.


To make matters worse, Cardoso details, their technology has become obsolete and requires that operators have to get off the truck to hook the container when there are already municipalities that have a completely mechanized service, in which the vehicle is sufficient only to lift and unload. deposits.

The councilor explains, in fact, that one of his first concerns as soon as he took office was to remedy the precarious situation that selective collection is going through, which It only has two operators and two trucks for the entire municipality. “The specifications were drawn up in 2007, so they no longer correspond to reality.”

For now, new ones have already been drawn up and the municipal government’s forecast is that they will be put out to tender this year to update the contract as soon as possible. The annual cost would be around million euros, part of which would be financed by Ecoembes. Three lots will be put out to tender, paper and cardboard, plastic containers, and oil and textiles, says Ruymán Cardoso.

Two new compactors and the improvement of three existing ones

The municipal government intends to submit to the corporation’s approval in tomorrow’s plenary session a file to propose financing with the Council’s cooperation plan of two new cardboard compactors and the improvement of the premises of three of the existing ones.

The investment would amount to 272,000 euros and it will be enabled after the cancellation of the item that was initially intended for the improvement and signaling of the Camino de Santiago as it passes through the municipality.


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