Santiago Caputo, pointed out by Milei as the architect of his triumph, said that he will not hold office

Santiago Caputo, pointed out by Milei as the architect of his triumph, said that he will not hold office

The consultant and political scientist Santiago Caputo, mentioned by the elected president, Javier Milei, as the “architect of the victory” obtained in the runoff held this Sunday, expressed this Monday that he “probably” will not hold a position in the next government, who will take office on December 10, and predicted that the country has a “future of prosperity.”

“I want to thank that giant who has accompanied me throughout this entire process. He is a giant who usually stays in the dark and is called Santiago Caputo forks the real architect from this”. In his triumphant speech, Javier Milei launched the name of Santiago Caputopublicist who joined to the La Libertad Avanza campaign in 2021 and became one of the leaders of the ultraliberal economist’s kidney. He worked with Jaime Durán Barba, is the nephew of Nicolás and Luis Caputo and a personal friend of Ramiro Marra.

“He probably won’t have any place (in the future cabinet). I have never had the ambition to join a government or anything like that. I will try to continue helping Javier and Karina (Milei) so that things prosper in the best way,” Caputo said about the next president and his sister.

In statements to Radio Miter, Caputo identified himself as “a friend” of Milei, whom he has been “helping for some time to see how to achieve the objective” achieved this Sunday, the victory in the runoff that allowed the La Libertad candidate Advances (LLA) to reach the presidency after defeating the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, in the runoff.

The consultant explained that he has “a personal relationship” with Milei and her sister, who, he maintained, “have been generous” with him and have given him “a lot of trust.”

Caputo, meanwhile, considered that Argentina “has some critical short-term problems that must be resolved,” for which they will put into practice, he commented, “the ideas of freedom and the model that made the country a world power.” .

“There is a future of prosperity,” said Caputo, who said that he entered “the world of politics with the help of” the political consultant and publicist Jaime Durán Barba.

Who is Santiago Caputo, advisor to Javier Milei

In La Libertad Avanza they believe that “Santi” was key in the race to the Casa Rosada.

Caputo studied computer engineering for three years at the National Defense University, but left to study Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires. He came to La Libertad Avanza with the help of his friend, the legislator and former candidate for head of the Buenos Aires Government, Ramiro Marra.

Milei on the stage of a Buenos Aires hotel after winning the PASO.

Both were in high school at the Belgrano School in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, another link that remains from that time is the legislator. Eugenio Casielles. He joined the campaign as a candidate for deputy of Javier Milei in 2021 and, slowly, became the political communication advisor most valued by the ultraliberal economist.

Donald Trump congratulated Milei

Caputo’s links and ties with the PRO are undeniable. He is the son of the former president of the College of Notaries of the city of Buenos Aires, Claudio Caputo, nephew of Nicolas “Nicky” Caputothe owner of the technology company Mirgor and “bosom friend” of former President Macri.

Furthermore, he is also the nephew of Luis “Toto” Caputothe former Macrista Finance Minister, who was nicknamed “the Messi of finance.”

Santiago Caputo.  (Web)
Santiago Caputo. (Web)

Today he is undoubtedly Javier Milei’s main communications advisor and survey analyst.

Gustavo Petro and Nayib Bukele spoke after Milei's victory.


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