Sarıyer protest against Ekrem İmamoğlu

Sarıyer protest against Ekrem İmamoğlu

The hall was packed, voices of protest suddenly rose, and he was interrupted. He had a hard time.

The presentation of the Republican People’s Party’s Istanbul 39 district mayor candidate was held at the Haliç Congress Center.

The names determined at the CHP Central Executive Board meeting were announced at a ceremony attended by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu.

While Ekrem İmamoğlu was giving his speech, voices of protest were heard in the hall. Current mayors in 9 districts, including Avcılar and Sarıyer, were not nominated.

There were posters of Chairman Özgür Özel at the entrance to the hall, but Özel was not at the meeting.

It was also noteworthy that CHP Chairman Özgür Özel did not attend the candidate promotion program, which started tensely. This development brought to mind the question of whether there is a crisis between Özel and İmamoğlu in the candidate selection process.

Sarıyer protest against Ekrem İmamoğlu

On the Özgür Özel front, Özel’s busy schedule was pointed out as the reason for not participating in the promotion. It was stated that Özel presided over the Party Assembly, which lasted until the morning the day before, and therefore the group meeting was also cancelled.

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