Saudi contract | Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

Saudi contract |  Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper

In the next ten years – God willing – the Kingdom will be the focus of the world’s attention more than it is now. The successive international events it hosts will be the focus of attention for investors and tourists, and before and after for citizens, who will find many and varied opportunities for work and trade.
The next ten years are an extension of the past years since the launch of the Saudi vision, a vision that will not stop, and will not be static, as it changes and develops according to developments, and according to the periodic evaluation of the results, and this is what will make hosting sporting events and exhibitions take a different approach that achieves the sustainability of its impact, and recycles it in the economy. In all its fields, it benefits from its social and cultural influences.
It will be a decade full of Saudi Arabia and the Saudis, full of interconnected achievements. The issue is not hosting a world championship or a world exhibition that are the most important in their category. It goes beyond that to being a complement to the aspects of development and achievement that we have witnessed, and are witnessing on other important and permanent levels.
To invest in your position, your capabilities, and the capabilities of your people is the main goal, and to make power a mixture of hard and soft powers that increases your status and thus your influence, the influence that the faithful Crown Prince, the godfather and leader of the vision, referred to when he affirmed in his statement after winning the bid to host Expo 2030, “Azm.” The Kingdom seeks to present an exceptional and unprecedented version in the history of holding this global forum with the highest levels of innovation, and to contribute to playing an active and positive role for a bright tomorrow for humanity, by providing a global platform that harnesses the latest technologies and brings together the brightest minds, with the aim of optimally investing in opportunities and offering solutions to the challenges facing our planet today.” .
Providing solutions to the challenges facing humanity will be a prominent theme of Saudi action. This happened when hosting the G20 Summit, and it happens daily through the initiatives of the state and leadership, along with the honorable people, that aim for peace and the protection of humans, their environment, and their rights throughout the world.
The overwhelming victory in the hosting vote gives an indication that many countries and peoples of the world have begun to feel that those who work and achieve, respect those who seek the good of humanity and the planet, seek their interests with them, and reshape unfair mental images of the region, or of Muslims and Arabs.
During the next decade, the responsibility will be greater on the government and on citizens, and collective and individual gains will be based on work, initiative, innovation, and preparation for them. We will – God willing – have beautiful and wonderful years at all levels.
The details are many, and we have time ahead of us that we will race against, and we will monitor every impact achieved and build on it. Building nations is not just a slogan, it is the hands of people working together, praising God, and thanking those in charge.


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