Saudi stocks add 10 points…the pace of rise declines amid a sideways trading path

Saudi stocks add 10 points…the pace of rise declines amid a sideways trading path

Saudi stocks rose ten points by about 0.09 percent to close at 11,129 points, and the market is still holding above its average performance in 200 days, but trading in the last two sessions came within the range of Sunday’s session, which puts the market on a sideways path with a decline in the pace of the rise, which shows the decline in appetite. Risk. In the previous analysis, I referred to the support levels of 11,090 points that the index reached and then purchasing operations became active. Continuing to maintain them maintains chances of consolidation for the market, while trading below them increases selling pressures due to profit-taking operations.
Overall market performance
The general index opened at 11,119 points, and recorded the highest point at 11,149, gaining 0.27 percent, while the lowest point was at 11,090 points, losing 0.26 percent. At the end of the session, it closed at 11,129 points, gaining ten points, equivalent to 0.09 percent. Liquidity decreased 22 percent by about 2.2 billion to reach 5.5 billion riyals, while traded shares decreased 3 percent by nine million to reach 266 million traded shares. As for deals, they decreased by 20,000 by about 5 percent, reaching 399,000 deals.
Sector performance
Nine sectors declined compared to the rise in the rest, and the rise was led by “Food Production” by about 1.78 percent, followed by “Capital Goods” by 1.6 percent, and “Transportation” came third by 1.52 percent, while the decline was led by “Basic Materials” by 0.99 percent, then “Communications” by 0.7 percent, and “Insurance” came in third place by 0.4 percent.
The highest turnover was the energy sector, at about 17 percent, with a value of 934 million riyals, followed by “banks,” with 13 percent, representing 699 million riyals, and “basic materials” coming third, with 12 percent, with about 691 million riyals.
Stock performance
The shares that rose the most were “Electrical Industries” by about 8.68 percent, reaching 2.38 riyals, followed by “Al-Saif Gallery” by 5.39 percent, reaching 8.21 riyals, and “Al-Omran” came third, with 4.23 percent, as it closed at 37 riyals. On the other hand, the stocks that declined the most were “MIS” by 2.98 percent to close at 123.80 riyals, followed by “FIPCO” by 2.86 percent to 45.90 riyals, and “Sipchem” came third by 2.63 percent to close at 33.35 riyals.
The highest turnover was “Saudi Aramco” stock with a value of 599 million riyals, followed by Al Rajhi Bank with about 269 million riyals, and “Addis” came third with 241 million riyals.
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