Scalo Farini, more public homes at controlled prices

Scalo Farini, more public homes at controlled prices

News in the program agreement of the former Scalo Farini: the supervisory board after deciding last July to increase the share of subsidized housing from 23 percent to 30 percent of the total, it granted the Municipality the possibility of exercising a right of option on a part (approximately 17 thousand m2) of the total area intended for type B social residential housing (subsidized housing for rent at moderate rent and/or agreed rent and/or agreed rent and/or residences for university students and/or co- social housing) and type c (subsidized housing for rent at social rent). In a few years these accommodations will therefore be able to become part of the municipal public heritage, expanding it with apartments built following the best environmental parameters. In practice, therefore, a part of the new housing that will be built as part of the redevelopment project could become municipal public housing.

Scalo Farini, more public buildings

65 percent of the area will be dedicated to public greenery and will host the new headquarters of the Brera Academy which will use one of the new buildings of the airport and create a campus with accommodation available to its students. Competitive procedures are currently underway by FS Sistemi Urbani, the lead company of the urban hub of the FS Italiane Group, to select the developer of the area. «This is excellent news for the future of Milan – they declare Pierfrancesco Maran, housing councilor, e Giancarlo Tancredi, councilor for urban regeneration -. On the one hand, the number of housing units in subsidized housing at controlled prices has been increased, on the other hand there is now a right of option that the Municipality will be able to exercise to increase the stock of public housing.”


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