Scholz’s reaction to Trump: Irresponsible and dangerous

Scholz’s reaction to Trump: Irresponsible and dangerous

A joint press conference was held after Scholz’s meeting with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Stating that NATO’s promise of protection is unconditionally valid, Scholz said: “All for one, one for all.” said.

Pointing to Trump’s words, Scholz said, “Due to the current event, let me say this clearly; any relativization of NATO’s mutual assistance guarantee is irresponsible and dangerous. No one can play and negotiate with the security of Europe.” he said.

Emphasizing that Germany has made significant contributions to the security of Europe, especially on the eastern flank of NATO, Scholz noted that they will further strengthen cooperation for the defense of the NATO alliance and the security of Europe.

Scholz said that this directly concerns support for Ukraine.

Prime Minister Scholz noted that NATO will be the basis of common defense for many years.


Pointing out that this year is the 85th anniversary of Germany’s terrible attack on Poland and the destruction of Warsaw, Scholz said, “We are aware of our grave crime and the duty arising from it for our common peaceful future. A line cannot be drawn under our responsibility towards our history. This is for today.” It remains a reminder and a mission for the future.” he said.

Scholz emphasized that Germany and Poland stand together in the European Union (EU) and NATO, and work together for solidarity at a time when Russian imperialism threatens the security of Europe, and said, “Poland’s security is our security.” said.


Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said the following about Trump’s words about NATO:

“Regardless of whether Trump is a former president or a re-candidate, I want to say that it is in fact Europe’s common interest for all NATO member states to directly and significantly increase the financing of their defense potential. I have no doubt about it. The terrible lesson learned from Ukraine should not leave anyone in doubt.” “I think this is really necessary. Not because Donald Trump said this, but I’m expressing it quite objectively.”

Stating that he believes that Trump’s words should have a “cold shower effect” for everyone, especially those who are aware or not fully aware of the real threat, Tusk said, “We really need to strive for full cooperation with the USA, but Europe also needs to invest in its own security.” said.

Tusk, however, stated that not everyone has to take Trump’s words seriously and continued:

“We must do our best to ensure that transatlantic cooperation remains the basis of our security. There is no good alternative to close and cooperative cooperation in this area. Whatever the situation in Washington develops between European NATO members and the United States, it is our duty, both today and for future generations, to attach importance to this I believe it is.” he said.

Stating that there is no reason why the EU should not have as much military power as Russia, Tusk underlined that there are many reasons to be truly assertive in ensuring that Europe can overcome all kinds of challenges, including military ones.

Tusk pointed out that history has proven to be very cruel and said, “Even a few years ago, no one could have thought that Poland and Germany would work so closely militarily to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression.” said.

Stating that they talked with Scholz about the need to intensify cooperation at the bilateral level and in Europe, including in the field of air defense, Tusk said, “We, as Europe, want to do this within the framework of cooperation between Poland and Germany as soon as possible, that is, not in 5 or 10-15 years, but in the coming years.” “We want to do it in 12 months.” he said.

Tusk emphasized that everyone has lessons to learn from history and said that they know what to do about it.


Addressing the issue of Poland’s energy supply, Tusk emphasized the importance of nuclear energy for Poland.

Tusk underlined that his country will decide on nuclear power plants according to its own interests and said:

“As you know, we are committed to protecting the environment, but Poland is in a really difficult situation for objective reasons. If we are to be truly effective in giving up the largest emissions of carbon dioxide in energy production and production, we must work on an alternative, and nuclear energy is such an alternative for Poland.”

Tusk pointed out that the Weimar Triangle formed by his country with France and Germany would have no meaning if it held routine meetings and said, “For us, the Weimar Triangle will only be meaningful if we take each other seriously and all three of us try to solve very realistic, concrete problems.” said.

Arguing that Russia’s nuclear threat is not an abstract threat, Tusk said, “After the Ukraine attack, Putin used this argument several times, he is really trying to put pressure on the West, on all of us, he is really trying to scare us by saying ‘he can use nuclear weapons’. This is absolutely abstract.” “It is not. It is enough to look at Russia’s nuclear potential near the Polish border.” he said.

Emphasizing that he thought the words of French President Emmanuel Macron were very important, Tusk said, “Macron said that France is ready to make its nuclear capabilities available to all of Europe. Thus, a common security system can really emerge from them. We have had such signals for a while and we have them.” We have to take it really seriously.” made his assessment.

Tusk also touched upon the issue of compensation claims, referring to the Nazi period between Germany and Poland, and said:

“This is an issue that really needs to be discussed seriously, but not in the way my predecessors did. Otherwise, I will seek opportunities for cooperation with Chancellor Scholz that will not turn the past into a fate that will strain our mutual relations. We will make decisions that will satisfy everyone, so that the security of the future is well served.”

I think Chancellor Scholz may think differently, but there is something Germany needs to do here. I don’t want to express this too aggressively, not only because I am a Polish politician, but also because I am a historian and I come from Gdansk. “But I want this not to cause negative emotions, but to really care about the future of good, the good future that both peoples develop.”


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