Season 9 on TV and stream, watch the entire episode as a repeat

Season 9 on TV and stream, watch the entire episode as a repeat

In season 9 of “Kitchen Impossible” new opponents and new challenges await Tim Mälzer. You can read all information about the broadcast on TV and stream here.

Running since 2016″Kitchen Impossible“already with Tim Mälzer TV. The show will now enter its ninth round in 2024. As usual, viewers will be provided with eight new episodes. From Estonia via Austria and Portugal to Kenya and Japan This year the chefs are testing their way through the culinary worlds. Three “specials” were also announced this season. In addition to a “Baltic Edition” and a “Hamburg Edition”, there will also be a “Best Friends Edition”. In this, the TV chef competes against two opponents at once.

In all other episodes the principle remains the same. Every episode there is a different professional chef that Tim Mälzer competes against. Both try to recreate a local specialty as accurately and well as possible. The catch: Neither of them has an exact list of ingredients. At the end, a jury decides which chef wins the duel. Tim Mälzer and the show “Kitchen Impossible” were even awarded the German Television Prize in the “Best Factual Entertainment” category in 2017. Where will “Kitchen Impossible” be broadcast on TV and stream in 2024? We have all the information for you here.

“Kitchen Impossible” 2024: broadcast on TV and stream

The ninth season of “Kitchen Impossible” starts on Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 8:15 p.m VOX. From then on, according to the official broadcast dates, there will be a new episode every week. The last episode will run on April 21, 2024. The chefs this season include Richard Rauch, Stefan Wiesner and Alexander Hermann. Some of them had already competed against Tim Mälzer last season and were therefore tried and tested opponents.

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In addition to being broadcast on linear TV programs VOX“Kitchen Impossible” will also be streaming RTL+ shown. Here, viewers can follow the program online parallel to the TV broadcast.

Full episodes of “Kitchen Impossible” season 9 in reruns

There are currently no plans to officially repeat the individual episodes of “Kitchen Impossible” in the linear TV program. If you missed an episode and still want to watch it afterwards, you have to contact the streaming provider RTL+ leave. The program can be watched here not only parallel to the TV broadcast, but also at any later time. The episodes can be accessed free of charge on the streaming platform at least seven days after the initial broadcast. After that, however, a paid subscription is required. This currently costs 6.99 euros per month (as of February 2024). The RTL+ Premium Subscription can be canceled monthly. (praise)


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