‘Secure Cell Phone’: find out how to use the application in

‘Secure Cell Phone’: find out how to use the application in

During Carnival festivities, it is common to see an increase in cases of cell phone theft, loss and robbery – in the Federal District, for example, incidents of theft of this type of equipment have topped the list of problems recorded by the DF Public Security Secretariat. (SSP-DF) in the carnival blocks, with 87 crimes reported between Friday (9) and the early hours of Monday (12).

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Given this, the tendency is for more users to feel the need to activate the “Celular Seguro” application, but it is also at this time that some doubts arise about the system and how to use it.

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Launched by the federal government in December last year, the software allows the instant blocking of the device, the telephone line and even banking applications, in order to prevent criminals from committing other crimes using the victim’s data. To activate it, the user must have previously registered their personal data on the platform. The tool also asks for the recommendation of one or more trusted people.

For any future blocking to work, the registered telephone line must be registered with the cell phone user’s CPF. It is just not possible to block a phone for corporate use, as the device is linked to a CNPJ, not a CPF. See below the step-by-step guide that shows how to proceed with registration.

First, the user must have an account on the federal government website, the Gov.br platform. You must then download the “Celular Seguro” application, available through the website and also in versions for Android and iOS. The latter can be found on the PlayStore and App Store, respectively. Upon first access, the account owner is presented with the page’s terms of use, which also includes a warning about data privacy and a list of the names of banks and financial institutions that participate in the project.

Next, the application’s home screen shows the three main functions of the software: registration of trusted people, telephone registration and incident registration. Other features can be viewed in the side menu of the screen. You must first register trusted people, because in the future, in the event of a block, they will be the ones who will help the user, generating the incident in the “Celular Seguro” application.

Celular Seguro app system issues blocking alerts for banks and telephone operators / Lisa/Pexels

The next step is to register the device. The platform allows the registration of one or more phones, without there being a limit on the number. In the part entitled “occurrence record”, it is necessary to inform whether the situation – loss, theft or theft of the cell phone – occurred with the CPF user himself or with third parties. It is also necessary to point out when, where and how the event occurred. After this procedure, the application generates a protocol number, which must, in turn, be saved by the user and used for service with the platform’s partners.

After that, the application generates alerts for participating institutions, so that the necessary measures can be taken, such as blocking the line and bank accounts linked to the device. Then, when necessary, you must contact the bank and cell phone operator to normalize access.

“The “Secure Cell Phone” was developed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security through a partnership with the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban). To date, more than 1 million people have downloaded the application on the internet and the platform has already generated more than 20 thousand blocking alerts.

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