Senator complains that the law has loopholes. ‘Taluwang Group’ warns to use caution not to spark conflict.

Senator complains that the law has loopholes.  ‘Taluwang Group’ warns to use caution not to spark conflict.

13 February 2024 – At Parliament, there was a Senate meeting with Mr. Phonphet Wichitcholchai, President of the Senate. Acting as meeting chairman Before entering the meeting agenda, Pol. Lt. Gen. Sanit Mahathaworn, a member of the Senate Discussing the prevention of disturbances in the royal procession. Events affecting the royal procession of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Very heart-wrenching It should not happen in this land. A group of people who commit wrongdoing are not afraid of the law. Because there are people who support you. Know the legal rules for dealing with the procession of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. People accused the police of working late. But the police work 24 hours a day, but are stuck and cannot obtain a search warrant.

“This woman was advised to stay in the house, she didn’t have to go anywhere, the police had to have a search warrant. When the police went to ask for a search warrant But this woman has an arrest warrant. Therefore, a search warrant was not granted to search the house in order to arrest, without blaming the Thonburi Criminal Court. But speaking in principle: The police went to ask but didn’t get it. There are still some stuck processes. To the Prime Minister Will the government have measures to prevent these events from happening again? It’s not a lost cow. In order for the police to do their job, they must have tools. But existing laws include the Criminal Code. Safety Dedication Act Are there any gaps? Because these guys are so smart, I avoid them. Crimes under the Criminal Code It does not cover the Royal Family. or those acting on His Majesty’s behalf Therefore, I would like to add more to it as well. The police tried to determine whether Does it fall under Section 112 or not? But many lawyers say it does not, because it must be the Regent only. Therefore, there must be a protection tool. Suppress this so that this does not happen again. Where there are loopholes in the law, they must be corrected.”

While Mr. Montien Buntan, Senator, discussed that he was uncomfortable and did not agree with the actions regarding the royal procession, the government must act proactively. Remind Thai society to manage risks that may lead to conflict in the most civilized manner. But legal action is a matter that must be processed. But one must be careful not to create trends or conditions for a violent response from provocation by any side. Thailand has had a painful lesson from the events of 6 October 1976. We ask the government to be extremely careful. Create a mechanism for people with different political opinions to use mechanisms of peace. Use reason and mindfulness to present different ideas. Must not support the use of violence. This may cause fragility, leading to greater risk. It may lead to tragedy and cause deep wounds in Thai society. I would like to appeal to Thai people to come back to their senses. We can live together and deal with injustice according to the law. and civilisation.

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