Send from Metin ztrk to Fenerbahe! ”When they can’t win on the field, they make mistakes”

Send from Metin ztrk to Fenerbahe!  ”When they can’t win on the field, they make mistakes”

Galatasaray Second President Metin ZTRK made striking statements at the sponsorship agreement signing ceremony.

In his statement, Metin Ztrk said, “Today is an enjoyable day. There are 13 more weeks, 13 more matches. 13 matches means 39 points. One does not know what will happen. All competitors must be respected. We must look not only at the opponent we competed with in the championship, but also at the entire league. In the 20-team league, 5 teams will go to Europe. 8-9 teams are fighting for 5 seats. 4 teams will fall. 7-8 of them are in trouble. That’s why everyone is after not 3 points, but even half a point, it is that valuable. We are in our own league, “When we look at our own rivals, we look at each of them with the same excitement and the same goal. Sparta Prague match is on our agenda. We are progressing step by step.” said.

Metin ztrk said, “This is the first time I have heard about the 500 decare land. We will move to Kemerburgaz. When you renovate a house, you say 1 week, but it turns into 2 weeks. One thing is certain, we will move to Kemerburgaz during our strike period.” He used the expressions.


Regarding Eryaman Stadium, Metin Ztrk said, “This is not actually our issue, it is TFF’s issue. It was a match we played in the Olympics and the ground was painted. Our football players were like mohicans. Everywhere is green, different. Athlete health is very important. Galatasaray Footballers, Ankaragcı football players are important, other teams’ athletes are important. If the field is playable, we will play against it. We go everywhere anyway. TFF will decide. We cannot demand that a match be played here, especially when we go away. Whichever field we play on, it can be Ankaragcı field. “Tomorrow there may be an away game against Konya, tomorrow there may be another away game. It is essential that the field is suitable for athletes’ health. TFF will decide. Despite this, the field was a disaster 2 weeks ago. If it is played there and one of the two teams is injured, the blame lies with those who made the decision. We will play against.” The house is attached.


Speaking about the Fenerbahe – Alanyaspor match, Metin Ztrk said: “Our club made the necessary statement. When our opponent cannot win on the field, they approach it differently. A perception operation is being carried out. Our president said it clearly. 20 teams are working hard. ‘I will quit this year, I will take over my job, Championship is not a retirement bonus like ‘make me a champion’. There are 20 teams. It is as vital as being a champion among 20 teams, when you go down, you miss 10 years. 6-7 teams are in the relegation pot. Alanya’s coach also said, everyone is in trouble. 5 The team will go to Europe, 7-8 teams are in that pot. Everyone is worried about prestige and economy.


The agreement regarding the referee’s decisions said, “Our club made the necessary statement. The referee who did not give 2 clear red cards… We are not talking about referees. Look, if you generalize it, you would be wrong, in every subject. In every profession, there are those who do their job well, and those who do it badly. Those who have good intentions but cannot see and make bad decisions.” There are. There are bad-hearted people. Two clear red cards were not given yesterday. There was also one very interesting penalty. He scored, as you know, not a wrestler. Unfortunately, he participated in a fight with a Fenerbahe football player at Fenerbahe Stadium. That day, the referee thought that this fight was natural. 4-5 “We stayed away from that player for a week. No penalty was given. The wind must have been strong yesterday, so a penalty was given. On the way to the championship, our team held on to 1 point, which still made their opponent feel sick. Our club gave the necessary answers.” He concluded his words by saying:


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