Several priests ask to pray so that the Pope “goes to heaven as soon as possible”

Several priests ask to pray so that the Pope “goes to heaven as soon as possible”

Controversy over a YouTube gathering where six priests, two of them from the Archdiocese of Toledo, have publicly wished for the death of Pope Francis. The content of the debate has gone viral and is causing all kinds of reactions on social networks.

The gathering was broadcast on February 22 in the so-called “La Sacristy de la Vendée”, a weekly debate that defines itself as a “counter-revolutionary priestly gathering.” That day six religious spoke to give their opinion on the refusal of some priests to give communion directly into the mouths of the faithful who attend mass.

In the presentation, the moderator, Francisco José Delgado, from Toledo, greeted the other members and one of them, Gabriel Calvo Zarraute, also from Toledo, responded that “I pray a lot for the Pope so that he can go to heaven as soon as possible.” . Next, another priest, the American Charles Murr, joined the comment, indicating that “there are many of us who pray for Bergoglio’s ascent to heaven” to which the moderator added that “let’s see if we pray harder.” All this amidst the laughter of the members of the audience.

“Contradict God’s plan”

It so happens that a group of priests from the diocese of Cádiz and Ceuta and the Archdiocese of Toledo – one of them the moderator of this gathering, Francisco José Delgado – last January launched a campaign to collect signatures in the platform opposing the papal declaration that authorized the blessing of homosexual couples or divorced people “for contradicting God’s plan” and because “according to the Code of Canon Law, the faithful have the right and sometimes even the duty to manifest the sacred shepherds their opinion on that which belongs to the good of the Church”, as they argued.

On that occasion, the Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain, Francisco Cerro, had to intervene, asking the priests to avoid publicly arguing over this matter and remembering that the Pope’s document was a simple declaration and not a proposal for new truths of faith.

The Archbishopric, critical of his words: “They scandalize the People of God”

The Archbishopric of Toledo issued a statement late Wednesday in which it shows its categorical rejection of the controversial statements of several priests who in an online gathering have claimed to have prayed a lot so that the Pope “can go to heaven as soon as possible.” At the same time, it does not exclude adopting “corrective measures” for these events “with respect to those who are called to be ministers of Christ.”

This institution has already contacted the priests involved urging them to apologize for statements that “injure the communion of the Church and scandalize the People of God.” However, the Archbishopric has clarified that it is not responsible “at all” for those words that “in no way represent the line of communication of this particular Church.”


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