Sevilla denounces the Real Madrid TV videos about the referees to the Competition

Sevilla denounces the Real Madrid TV videos about the referees to the Competition


Controversy in the run-up to the attractive league match between Real Madrid and Sevilla this Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu at the expense, once again, of the pressure that the white channel exerts week after week on the referees who visit the merengue fiefdom.

On this occasion, the Seville club has not sat idly by, nor has it limited itself to criticizing the events, but has reported to the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) the videos broadcast by Real Madrid TV against the referees Isidro Díaz de Mera and Pablo González Fuertes, in charge of directing this clash on the pitch and from the VAR, respectively. Sevilla considers the images “a campaign of persecution and harassment” against them.

«Sevilla has proceeded to denounce this Saturday in writing, before the FEF Competition Committee, the campaign of persecution and harassment towards the referee Díaz de Mera, designated as the main referee of tomorrow’s match between Real Madrid and Sevilla FC, as well as to the referee González Fuertes, referee designated for the VAR, through Real Madrid TV, official television of Real Madrid,” begins the letter from the Sevilla club.

In this sense, Sevilla wants, “formally”, to report the facts to the federative bodies to determine whether “they can be considered a violation of the General Regulations of the FEF or any other regulations that apply to it.”

“The club also wishes to reiterate its strongest condemnation of these behaviors and orchestrated campaigns to undermine the image of the refereeing establishment, doing serious damage to Spanish football and calling into question the integrity of the competition,” he concluded.


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