Sewing live bird eyes, invisible net traps

Sewing live bird eyes, invisible net traps

Invisible nets, glue traps, foam traps… are the tools used by bird exterminators. More barbarically, there are places where people use live birds as bait. The bird’s eyes were sewn and its legs were tied to lure its fellow species until it died.

1001 types of cheap traps

“The other day, I trapped birds and then grilled them and ate them at the battle. Today I will score this new score to see how many birds I can trap, guys. The net is already set, the speaker is also turned on…”, a man about 40 said in a video showing off his exploits in trapping wild birds on social networks.

In the video, this person also shared that in order to catch wild birds, he invested in buying invisible nets, mini amplifiers, and speakers that play bird sounds. Every time he “goes out”, he will choose a location near the trees, set up stakes to spread the net, and turn on the speakers to play the sound of chirping birds.

A man shows off his exploits in trapping wild birds on social networks (Photo: MXH).

The sound echoed hundreds of meters away, causing birds flying high to think you were calling the flock to rush down into the trees. The poor birds did not know that it was a death trap created by humans. They rushed down and got stuck in the net.

In just a short period of time, with a compact set of “tools”, this man trapped 3 wild birds and recorded a video to share on social networks. He did not hesitate to tilt the bird’s neck upside down, turn it horizontally and vertically to introduce it to netizens, even though the bird continuously struggled and made panicked cries.

Technique to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 2

Innocent birds are caught by people using nets (Photo: MXH).

Technique to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 3

On social networks, there are countless groups gathering bird trapping enthusiasts. There are groups divided by region and province, but there are also groups on a national scale.

In these groups, members compete to share tips on how to catch and trap wild birds. Many people livestream the process of trapping birds, some record videos and post them on social networks to “share experiences”.

A large part also distributes products specialized in eliminating wild birds, the most popular being trap nets. Bird trap nets often have lattice shapes of many sizes, divided into night nets and day nets.

Techniques to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 4

Groups selling wild bird traps are active (Photo: CMH).

Sellers classify by eye width, height, number of pockets per net set and suitable bird species.

“There are nets for birds, caterpillars, sparrows, and umbrella birds; there are also nets for cuckoos, buntings, turtledoves, cuckoos, bats… If you want to trap cuckoos, storks, parrots, starlings, parrots, and worms, you can also trap them. Must use separate type.

At night, people often trap hoes, storks, shy beaks, coots, field chickens, herons, and squeaks. Price ranges from 50,000 VND to 200,000 VND/set,” seller NT P introduced.

Invisible nets are currently the most commonly used trap because when set up, many birds lured by the trapper’s artificial devices will dive down without seeing that there is a net waiting to catch them. In addition to invisible nets, other types of lure speakers, glue traps, stakes, glued cable bars… are also sold publicly at very cheap prices of less than 1 million VND.

From items sold on online markets and major e-commerce platforms, many people have bought them as tools to trap wild birds in the wild.

In Dong Anh district, Hanoi more than a month ago, people openly used “high-tech” traps, invisible nets, decoys… to catch wild birds to sell to meat restaurants. forest, wild birds or simply “improve” your daily meal.

In addition to using loudspeakers to broadcast bird sounds, they also use decoy birds and tie their legs to bamboo poles, wooden poles, and plastic poles arranged in rows in the middle of ponds and flooded fields to act as bait to lure fellow animals.

Techniques to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 5

Birds of prey are tied to the surface of a pond in Dong Anh, waiting for their accomplices (Photo: Nguyen Phuc)

Techniques to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 6

When flocks of wild birds see their own kind, they will confidently swoop down and get caught in the trap. Many birds of prey are staked day after day and tirelessly watch their fellow humans suffer the same fate.

Revealing the most horrifying type of extermination trap

Share with reporters Dan TriMr. Nguyen Hoang Hao – staff of the Forest Investigation and Planning Institute, Secretary of the Vietnam Wild Bird Conservation and Research Association, said that local people are using many sophisticated ways to catch and trap wild birds.

Techniques to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 7

“High-tech” trap with bird-sounding speakers connected to a power source in the middle of the field. Nearby, a bird with its legs tied stood to lure its accomplices (Photo: Nguyen Phuc).

Techniques to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 8

“Translucent net traps (also known as invisible nets) and glue traps are the two most terrible types of extermination traps. Translucent nets are made from small, thick wires that are very tough, so birds can easily get stuck in the nets.

When birds fly by and get stuck, they cannot escape. The more they struggle, the more they are stuck. At night, this net is almost invisible. There are also some other types of traps such as shock traps, noose traps (with a noose, birds flying to eat will be strangled or strangulated), snap traps…”, Mr. Hao said.

Techniques to exterminate wild birds: Sew up the eyes of live birds, hide traps with nets image 9

Thousands of meters of nets are spread across fields in Dong Anh district to trap wild birds. It happened publicly in broad daylight (Photo: Nguyen Phuc).

According to Mr. Hao, the most barbaric places are places that use live birds as bait. The bird had its eyes sewn shut so it couldn’t see anything to avoid panic, and its feet were forced to stand on a dry tree branch as bait until it died.

According to the Secretary of the Vietnam Wild Bird Conservation and Research Association, hunting and trading of wild birds is strictly prohibited.

Catching wild birds violates regulations on wildlife protection, affects biodiversity and the ecological environment, disrupts the food chain, threatens the risk of extinction of bird species and creates pandemic.

“Birds such as stilts, chao pan, yellow teal, stork, cauldron, flower wigeon, river river… cannot be raised, they are all wild birds so they need to be protected,” Mr. Hao said.

Techniques to exterminate wild birds: Sewing live bird eyes, hidden net traps image 10

Birds are controlled to be used as bait. Looking at the crowded scene of birds under the lake surface, many innocent birds fell into the trap (Photo: Nguyen Phuc).

In May 2022, the Prime Minister issued Directive No. 04/CT-TTg on a number of urgent solutions to preserve wild and migratory birds in Vietnam. The directive clearly states that Vietnam is considered one of the most important areas in the network of migratory bird flight routes and endemic bird species, with 63 globally important bird areas and 7 special bird areas. existence; Wild and migratory bird areas have created important natural values, contributing to nature conservation, biodiversity conservation, tourism development and building the image of Vietnam.

Currently, more than 900 bird species have been recorded in our country, of which 99 species need conservation attention, 10 are critically endangered, 17 are endangered, 24 are near-endangered and 48 are near-threatened.

The Party, State, sectors and levels have made many efforts to protect biodiversity, including wild and migratory birds as well as important bird areas. Many wild and migratory bird species are included in the list for management and protection according to the provisions of law, such as red-crowned cranes, spoonbills, spoonbills…

However, the situation of hunting and consuming wild birds, especially migratory birds, is still taking place seriously in many localities, negatively affecting biodiversity and the environment, potentially disease risks for humans and animals; affecting the implementation of international commitments on biodiversity conservation, the Agreement on Australia-East Asia Migratory Waterfowl Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) of which Vietnam is a member.

Hunting, extermination, and destruction of natural habitats lead to changes in habitats and ecosystems, reducing the number and composition of wild, migratory birds, and some species of migratory birds. Migration no longer appears during bird migration seasons to Vietnam.

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