Shabaniyah banquet in Hosseiniyah Moali

Shabaniyah banquet in Hosseiniyah Moali
In this episode, a large number of listeners from different age groups were enthusiastically present on the stage, who were surprised by the arrival of Sheikh Zakzaky. He had come to accompany the young students while talking to those interested in the turban ceremony, and for a few moments he talked about the importance of appealing to Ahl al-Bayt (AS), waving the flag of Islam in Nigeria and Islamic countries, and said that he was proud to be a student. The intimate atmosphere of this part of the program showed the intimacy in the general atmosphere of Hosseinieh, which was seen among the reciters, listeners and guests. In this visit, the head of the National Media also said about the program: Hosseinieh Moali is a clear example of the realization of identity and justice, and the fact that an educational program takes the title of the most popular program means that it has been able to reach the right point of identity and move towards It has become a front in the national media.

5 seasons of love
Hosseiniyeh Maali has been hosting the lovers of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) for five seasons now, and every time it gathers the members of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.) in order to create a romantic passion for the audience present in Hosseiniyeh and interested audiences. Hosseinieh Moali is one of the successful educational programs of the national media, which was able to stand as the most watched Muharram programs this year with 30.6% viewership and 89.9% audience satisfaction. This season, like the third season in Hosseinieh, has been opened to the audience with joy until the Shabaniyeh holidays. Let them entrust their hearts to the imams who are born in these days with halal joy. This program was aired last night on the occasion of the Shabaniyah holidays, and it is broadcasted every night at 20:00 on Channel 3 and will be rebroadcasted on Qur’an channel at 23:15. With the beginning of every season of Hussainiyah, whether it is for Muharram and Safar, or on days like the month of With the blessings of Sha’ban, the audience is interested to get to know the faces who are present in Majmaal-e-Dhakreen. Saeed Sotudegan, the producer of Hosseiniyeh Moali, previously informed about the arrangement of the judges and said that Najmuddin Shariati is responsible for the execution of the program as in the Muharram season, but there have been changes in the table of experts and speakers. Seyyed Reza Narimani and Nizar Qatari came to “Hosseinieh Moali” and Seyedmjid Bani Fatemeh and Maysham Matiei have been present since last season. With the broadcast of this program, the audience was accompanied by the performance of these zakarans; Of course, videos from behind the scenes of the program were also released recently, which showed the intimate and joking atmosphere of these faces, which we rarely saw before.
Sotudegan had also stated before: Hosseiniyeh Moali, Anshaa… as in the previous seasons, it operates with the focus of representing the celebration rituals and hymns of Ahl al-Bayt all over the world, as well as the various rituals of the country in celebrations, hymns, as well as rituals from all over the world in this season as Guests and participants will be present.

A look at the previous chapters

Muharram 1401
Moderator: Hamed Soltani
Assembly of Remembrancers: Saeed Haddadian, Mohammad Samimi, Majid Bani Fatemeh and Mehdi Rasouli

zero 1401
Mood: Mourning
Moderator: Hamed Soltani
Al-Dhakreen Assembly: Mehdi Selahshur, Mehdi Rasouli, Saidamjid Bani Fatemeh and Mohammad Samimi

Shaban 1401
Mood: Happy
Moderator: Ahmad Akbarnejad
Majmaal Al-Dhakreen: Mehdi Rasouli, Ahmad Vaezi, Abdul Reza Helali and Hojjatul Islam Mustafa Karmi

Muharram 1402
Mood: Mourning
Moderator: Najmuddin Shariati
Al-Dhakreen Collection: Abdolreza Helali, Maysham Matiei, Majid Bani Fatemeh, Mehdi Rasouli.


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