Shahzad Farooq’s lawyer and Atta Tarar have bitter words for mocking Maryam Nawaz

Shahzad Farooq’s lawyer and Atta Tarar have bitter words for mocking Maryam Nawaz

A hearing was held in the Lahore High Court on the petitions filed against the success of PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, League leader Atta Tadar and others.

‘We have contested elections against Queen Maryam Nawaz’

At the beginning of the hearing, Aftab Bajwa, the lawyer of the petitioner, PTI-backed independent candidate Shehzad Farooq, said that we have contested the election against Maharani Maryam Nawaz, on which Justice Ali Baqer Najafi scolded him that you used such words. If you do, I will not hear the case.

Azam Nazir Tarar talking to the petitioner’s lawyer said to speak politely to which the lawyer replied that who are you to stop me from talking.

Justice Ali Baqir Najafi said that I will never listen here against the representative of the council.

Lawyer Aftab Bajwa continued his speech in the court and said that a case was registered against the petitioner when he contested the election against Maryam Nawaz.

Lawyer Election Commission’s arguments on the petitions started

The Election Commission’s lawyer said in his arguments that the Election Commission received the complaints of the petitioners, and the Election Commission has about 100 complaints scheduled for hearing.

Vakil Election Commission said that after the final notification of the success of the candidates, the Election Tribunal Forum is formed. At the initial stage, the Election Commission is hearing all the complaints.

The counsel told the court that the Election Commission will announce the Election Tribunal after issuing the final notification, not bound to issue notices to RO candidates while issuing Form 47 on provincial seats.

Arguments of Vakil Azam Nazir Tarar

Advocate Azam Nazir Tarar said that at the time of preparation of Form 47, agents of all the candidates or many themselves were present, we will present the records in the court which will show that all the candidates’ agents and candidates were present.

The lawyer further said that the records of the telephones and geo-fencing will be produced by the court. There was a large number of people in the RO office while issuing Form 47. starts and the losing candidates protest at the RO office, there is a fear of clashes between the supporters of the candidates.

Advocate Azam Nazir Tarar said that our problem is that we do not follow the procedure while all the things are there in the law.

Giving an example, he said that in the case of Salman Akram Raja, five hundred people had come face to face in the RO office, on which lawyer Salman Akram Raja intervened and said that do not misrepresent this, it is nothing like that.

Advocate Azam Nazir Tarar continued his speech and said that after the election, there is a chaotic situation in the RO office, that is why some laws were amended by amending the election laws, we need to give some respect to the Election Commission. .

The Lahore High Court adjourned the proceedings on the petitions against the election results till 12 noon.


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