Shooting at a shipping company in the suburbs of Athens – how many victims, details

Shooting at a shipping company in the suburbs of Athens – how many victims, details

In the suburbs of Greek Athens on Monday, February 12, there was a shooting. The incident occurred at the Greek shipping company in Glyfada.

The attacker killed three people and committed suicide. This is reported by Ekathimerini.

An armed criminal, presumably a former employee of the company, entered the building and opened fire on other employees, resulting in the death of three people – two men and a woman. After that he committed suicide.

The criminal turned out to be a 75-year-old citizen of Egypt. According to some reports, he was recently fired from his position in this company.

Although the police did not officially disclose the name of the company involved, the media reported that it was the European Navigation company.

The police, members of the elite anti-terrorist unit EKAM, fire engines and ambulances arrived at the scene of the shooting, and law enforcement officers cordoned off a large area around it.

“I heard the shots, I heard the first two. I went to the stairs to see what was going on. I saw two guys coming down; they said, ‘It’s Aris with a gun, he’s shooting.’ Of course I ran outside, towards the garden, and got out through the back door of the garage,” a witness of the incident told reporters near the building.

There was a shooting in the suburbs of Athens, Greece: the attacker killed three people and committed suicide

As a reminder, on December 17 in Mexico, in the city of Salvatierra in the north-central state of Guanajuato, a shooting occurred after a Christmas party. 16 people died.

On December 21, 24-year-old student David Kozak opened fire at the university on Jan Palach Square in the Czech capital, Prague. 15 people died, approximately 20 were injured. After that, the shooter committed suicide.

On the same day, father David Kozak was found dead in the town of Gostoun in the Czech Republic. It is known that the shooter was born and raised in a Czech family.

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