Should we sleep with our hair open or closed? | Principles and tips for hair care during the night

Should we sleep with our hair open or closed?  |  Principles and tips for hair care during the night


Do you often wake up with messy and untidy hair? If your answer is positive, we will introduce you solutions and tips, solutions that have been researched by skin and hair specialists for years.

By doing the tips that we suggest below, which are very cheap and effective, you will have neater hair and you will follow the hair care tips at night.

Does hair get damaged at night?

When hair is long, it is more prone to tangling and damage, especially at night, that’s why you should take measures to protect your hair to minimize damage.

The most common hair problems caused by lack of effective protection while sleeping:

Hair folds
Hair leprosy
Brittle hair
hair loss
Frizzy and dry hair

Important advice for hair care at night

If taking care of your hair at night is important to you, you should know some tips, including:

Do not sleep with wet hair

Sleeping with wet or freshly dried hair at night is not a good idea because there is a possibility of damage when you wake up in the morning. Dry your hair well before going to bed And if you like your hair dry, shower early in the morning.

scalp massage

Gentle scalp massage can stimulate hair growth, gently massage the scalp when you take a shower.

wearing a scarf

To protect your hair, all you need is a scarf to prevent tangles.

Rubbing coconut oil

In order to have shiny hair, apply coconut oil once a week from root to tip, and the next morning, wash your hair two to three times to remove all the oil if you haven’t used coconut oil before. You will be surprised by how soft and silky your hair is.

hair braiding

One of the popular ways to protect your hair is to braid them, just don’t make the knots too tight because they can pull the hair roots and damage it. Before braiding, apply some hair cream and let it stay overnight.

Use of hair serum

Controlling hair loss is boring for everyone, but you can use hair serum to minimize the amount of hair loss.

Use of softeners

If you want to have soft hair, apply conditioners at night. This will prevent brittle and frizzy hair when you wake up.

combing hair

No matter how tired you are, there is a golden rule and that is to always comb your hair before bed.

Using drying shampoos

Use drying shampoos at night before going to bed so that it has enough time to stay on the hair.

Not sleeping on a pus pillow

Cleaning the pillow has very interesting effects on the hair, and also some experts claim that sleeping on the silk pillow prevents hair breakage.

Rubbing lavender oil

This oil does not have a good smell, but it prevents the hair texture from curling, dirt and mess. Apply a few drops of oil on your hair to wake up in the morning with gorgeous hair.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel for Dry and frizzy hair It is suitable and hydrates and moisturizes the hair.

tying hair

Comb your hair before going to bed and go to bed with a rubber band because it will make your hair neater when you wake up in the morning.

hair spray

It is very important to use hair spray to moisturize your hair before going to bed so that when you wake up you will have neater hair.


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