Sick youth… 42% “Even if I have a health problem, I can’t go to the hospital because I’m too busy and it’s a waste of money.”

Sick youth…  42% “Even if I have a health problem, I can’t go to the hospital because I’m too busy and it’s a waste of money.”

Korea Youth Policy Institute, survey of 4,000 young people… 40% “Medical costs are burdensome”
15% “I have no one to ask for help when I’m sick”… 37% “I have thought about suicide”

It was found that more than 4 out of 10 young people in Korea were unable to go to the hospital even when they were sick due to reasons such as being busy or not having enough money.

The Korea Youth Policy Institute presented these results on the 13th in a report entitled ‘Research on the current state of youth poverty and measures to establish a self-reliance safety net system’.

According to the results of a survey of 4,000 young people (1,984 men and 2,016 women) aged 19 to 34, 41.6% responded that they had not been able to go to the hospital despite being sick in the past year.

The most common reason for not going to the hospital was ‘I don’t have time to go to the hospital (because I’m busy)’ at 47.1%. This was followed by ‘because it was a waste to spend hospital expenses (medical expenses)’ (33.7%) and ‘because I bought non-prescription drugs at the pharmacy’ (9.3%).

The average share of medical expenses in monthly living expenses over the past year was ‘less than 5%’, which was the largest at 54.0%. This was followed by ‘6-10%’ at 18.2%, and ‘not at all’ at 13.2%.

The proportion of respondents who responded that medical expenses out of total living expenses felt burdensome was 40.0%. The proportion who say it is not a burden is 30.9%.

In particular, more than half of young people were found to have never received a health checkup at a hospital, health checkup center, or public health center in the past year.

Accordingly, 50.6% cited ‘expansion of free health checkups by 2030’ as the top priority among major health support policies.

The most urgent government policy for youth health was ‘expansion of support for youth medical expenses’ (32.8%). ‘Expansion of psychological counseling support for youth’ was 28.9%, and ‘expansion of youth health check-ups’ was 24.4%.

It turns out that it is not easy for young people to get help from people around them, such as friends and family.

15.2% said, ‘There is no one around me I can ask for help when I am sick.’ 52.4% of young people who said ‘yes’ also answered ‘I have never received help from people around me in the past year.’

The proportion who said ‘I have no one I can rely on emotionally’ was 13.2%, and the proportion who said ‘I have not met anyone privately in the past month’ was 16.4%.

In the past month, 9 out of 10 people answered that they had ‘eating alone’ and 3 out of 10 people had ‘drinking alone’.

In addition, 57.8% of young people answered that they were ‘depressed,’ and 37.1% of young people answered that they ‘had thoughts of suicide.’

The researchers said, “There is a need to strengthen the promotion of youth health checkups and prepare a plan to support medical expenses for vulnerable young people. We will need to establish customized health policies according to age group, gender, unemployment status, region, etc.”


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