Siege on Indonesian Hospital in Gaza leaves at least 12 dead

Siege on Indonesian Hospital in Gaza leaves at least 12 dead

The Gaza Ministry of Health, an organization controlled by Hamas, announced this Monday that at least 12 people died in attacks by the Israeli army on the Indonesian hospital, located near Jabalia.

The health body stated that we are facing “a new crime committed by the Israeli occupation against hospitals in the Gaza Strip”, ensuring that the Indonesian hospital “was attacked with artillery by tanks”, causing numerous injuries.

Over the past few weeks, Israeli forces have attacked several hospitals, arguing that Hamas militants were hiding in these facilities.

The most significant attack on hospitals took place last week, when Israel surrounded the Al Shifa hospital, the largest in the strip, located in the city of Gaza.

Tel Aviv argues that Hamas had its main command center in the basement of the hospital and last Sunday presented evidence that supposedly supports this thesis: 55 meters of fortified underground tunnel and videos from the same day of the October 7 attack, showing several injured kidnapped were taken to Shifa.

On Saturday, and after having entered some areas of the complex on several occasions, Israel ordered the withdrawal of all those inside the Hospital, around three thousand people, including medical personnel, injured and displaced people.

Dozens of seriously injured people, including several premature babies, died due to the siege and the lack of medicine, water and fuel.

During the withdrawal, many moved to the south of the enclave, where Israeli attacks are less intense, but some, especially the most seriously injured, went to the Indonesian hospital in Jabalia, north of Gaza city, this Monday. fair attacked by Israel.


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