Simulated drowning at the police academy: an instructor will be suspended

Simulated drowning at the police academy: an instructor will be suspended

His back is against the wall, and his head is covered by a black t-shirt, onto which the contents of a bottle of water are poured. Under the fabric, the young man seems to be suffocating, to the point that he tries to remove the t-shirt several times under the encouragement of certain comrades, while others suffer the same fate alongside him.

This scene is not a torture session carried out at Guantanamo, but rather an exercise practiced at the Oissel police academy, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime), and the “victim” is a young recruit. The sequence, a minute long, was filmed, probably by another student police officer. We were able to watch it.

According to our information, that day, 42 videos of this exercise, in which 30 recruits participated, were even filmed. The instructor in charge of this exercise must be suspended and an administrative investigation including the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) has been opened.

“The initiative of a police academy trainer”

On the stage that we were able to see, the young recruit is also asked to sing the Marseillaise. As she tries to catch her breath, she also suffers blows to the abdomen from a police officer training in intervention techniques and safety (FTSI), as it is written on the back of the jacket that he wears. Among the missions of this trainer, according to the national police: “contextualize interventions in compliance with the legal conditions for the use of force”… Very far from what we can see in this “sequence” which, according to a source police officer at Le Parisien, was “conducted on the initiative of a police academy trainer”.

“This behavior and this method are firmly condemned,” further indicates this police source. According to our information, the “victims” of the exercise were all “volunteers” and even signed a waiver.

When contacted, the management of the Oissel police academy did not wish to respond to us.


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