Sisters Choi Mi-kyung and Choi Bo-hyeon, ‘high school moms’ who were pregnant in their second and third year of middle school, said, “Mother is in a difficult situation due to recurrence of stomach cancer”

Sisters Choi Mi-kyung and Choi Bo-hyeon, ‘high school moms’ who were pregnant in their second and third year of middle school, said, “Mother is in a difficult situation due to recurrence of stomach cancer”

Choi Bo-hyun, who appeared in the 31st episode of MBN’s ‘Adults Don’t Know High School Dad 4’/Source=MBN

The sad story of sisters Choi Mi-kyung and Choi Bo-hyeon, high school mothers who became pregnant for the first time at the age of 15 and 16, respectively, was revealed.

In the 31st episode of MBN’s ‘High School Mom Dad 4’ that aired on the 28th, Choi Mi-kyung and Choi Bo-hyun, who appeared as ‘high school mom sisters’ in episode 3, reappeared after 6 months.

First, Choi Bo-hyun, who appeared after Choi Mi-kyung in ‘Sister’, became pregnant at the age of 16 and gave birth at the age of 17. He was involved in a serious car accident as a child, and his parents divorced a few years later, leaving him to be raised by his pushy father. Choi Bo-hyun, who wanted to escape from this father’s image, became a ‘long-distance couple’ with a friend he had become close with through social media since elementary school, traveling between Gyeonggi-do and Iksan, Jeollabuk-do.

However, Choi Bo-hyun’s boyfriend also could not endure his parents’ domestic violence and ran away from home and started sleeping homeless in Choi Bo-hyun’s neighborhood.

In response to this, Choi Bo-hyun said, “I thought I needed to start a family to get away from my father, so I planned to get pregnant with my boyfriend.” MC Seo Jang-hoon and lawyer Lee In-cheol said, “This is absolutely the worst decision for a third-year middle school student,” and “He is immature.” He stuck out his tongue.

Photo = MBN ‘Adults Don’t Know High School Dad 4’

Choi Bo-hyun, who became pregnant like that, despite her older sister’s dissuasion who had given birth at an early age, said, “I was holding on, saying I would have the child unconditionally, but when my father found out I was pregnant, he urged me, ‘If you want to have a child, break up with your boyfriend.'” “A child and a man.” “I couldn’t give up all my friends, so I moved in with my mom.”

Afterwards, sisters Choi Mi-kyung and Choi Bo-hyeon appeared in the studio and revealed their daily lives. Choi Bo-hyun, who had been living with her mother, recently moved into her older sister Choi Mi-kyung’s house and were ‘co-parenting’. She said Choi Mi-kyung’s 3-year-old son and Choi Bo-hyeon’s 10-month-old daughter were healthy, but her older sister, Choi Mi-kyung, appeared to be in poor condition, causing her concern. It turned out that Choi Mi-kyung was pregnant with her second child and was due to give birth in July.

Choi Mi-kyung said, “I met my father (who travels frequently on business trips) for the first time in a long time and had a child.” She underwent a gynecological examination and could not hide her anxiety the whole time. In this regard, Choi Mi-kyung said, “She miscarried her first child at the age of 15, and then suffered ‘vanishing twins’ in which she became pregnant with twins in October last year, but one of her children disappeared.” She confessed that she was experiencing miscarriage trauma.

Photo = MBN ‘Adults Don’t Know High School Dad 4’

Choi Bo-hyun was a great support to Choi Mi-kyung, and the MCs were proud, saying, “It’s nice to see sisters relying on each other.”

In the midst of this, it was reported that the sisters’ mother had a recurrence of stomach cancer, adding to the sadness. Choi Mi-kyung said, “I was very harsh towards her mother when she had her first miscarriage, and I felt so sorry when her mother’s cancer returned at a similar time. “She feels like everything is my fault,” she said, shedding tears.

After hearing this, the MCs offered consolation, saying, “If you receive proper treatment, you can be completely cured, so don’t blame yourself and calm down for the sake of your unborn child.”

Finally, after visiting a psychological counseling center with the help of the production crew, sisters Choi Mi-kyung and Choi Bo-hyeon wrote a handwritten letter to their mother saying, “We will work harder in the future, so I hope your mother will be happy.” Additionally, she packed a ‘sister’s lunch box’ filled with sincerity for her mother and sent it along with her letter.

Park Mi-sun, who saw this, sent warm support, saying, “As both of them have good hearts, I hope they will live well in the future and become dutiful daughters.”

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