SK Telecom launches ZEM benefits for the new semester

SK Telecom launches ZEM benefits for the new semester

SK Telecom announced that it will hold the ‘I Love ZEM New Semester Festival’ from the 13th to March 31st, which will collect various benefits for students and parents who are entering the new semester of 2024.

‘ZEM’ is an integrated wired and wireless kids service brand of SKT and SKB for children under 12 years old, providing useful benefits to parents and children through differentiated B tv ZEM content and the ZEM app service that helps develop proper smartphone usage habits. is providing.

First, during this new semester festival period, SKT is holding the ‘My Child’s New Semester Full of Love’ promotion, which provides generous prizes through a drawing to customers using the ZEM app.

Those eligible to participate are customers who have newly registered their children in the ZEM app during the promotion period. Through the event banner in the ZEM app, they can receive an LG Gram i5 17-inch (1 person), Ilum desk set (3 people), and 2-month children’s science Donga. You can apply for prize promotions such as subscription tickets (100 people) and Kakao Friends stationery sets (1,000 people).

If a child is an SKT customer, parents can use the ZEM app regardless of the telecommunication company they subscribe to.

SKT will accumulate 500 won per promotion application and donate up to 10 million won worth of school supplies to underprivileged families through the Green Children’s Foundation.

SKT also provides additional data benefits so that children who purchase a new smartphone during the new semester festival can use the smartphone without worrying about data. Customers using the eligible plan receive 1GB of additional data per month for up to 6 months.

SKT also prepared new semester benefits in the T membership program ‘T day’. T day, which introduces new benefits every month, has prepared discount benefits for various brands such as Ice Biscuit, Tous Les Jours, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s Pizza for parents and children to enjoy together in February. More details can be found on the T membership app.

In addition, a special exhibition for ‘ZEM Phone Pokemon Edition 2’, a kids phone newly introduced by SKT in January, will be held at T Direct Shop. Customers who purchase the corresponding kids phone at T Direct Shop during the festival period can select one of the gift items such as a dedicated Pokemon board game and a set of 14 Pokemon stationery.

SKT is also running an event that will give one more previously published volume to customers who have applied for Jihaksa’s reading and learning monthly magazine ‘Reading Commentary Regular Delivery’ for the first time through the T Universe subscription service until the 31st of next month.

Meanwhile, B tv ZEM welcomes the new semester with a program for pre-elementary students and children in lower grades of elementary school. <밀크T 수학>, <소중한글>, , <카이스트와 함께하는 마음의 소리 어린이 과학 시리즈> We plan to introduce new exclusive content such as:

Kim Ji-hyung, in charge of SKT’s integrated marketing strategy, said, “We have prepared the ‘I♥ZEM (I Love Jam) New Semester Festival’ with abundant benefits so that parents and children can start the new semester with joy.” “We will continue to provide desired services and satisfactory benefits,” he said.

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