SNS aims to use AI for “faster and more accurate” diagnoses in dermatology

SNS aims to use AI for “faster and more accurate” diagnoses in dermatology

The National Health Service (SNS) announced, this Monday, that it intends to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, duly validated and supervised by experts, in dermatology.

The health entity believes that this implementation can ensure faster and more accurate diagnoses, in an area where access to answers is difficult.

Tomás Pessoa e Costa, dermatologist, who leads this project, stated, cited by Lusa, that the choice of application is already in a public competition, one of the conditions being that it must already be scientifically validated.

The doctor explains that: “Instead of overloading the family doctor, each person can take a photo with the application and then, if it requires a risk, it is sent to the dermatologist with high priority”.

The health professional said that this system will also serve those who do not have a family doctor assigned and that, “if there is no risk, the patient will be reassured, with instructions that, if the appearance changes, they should have another check” .

“This measure will make it possible to shorten the treatment period by many months for serious injuries and place patients in the system”, added Tomás Pessoa e Costa.

The SNS, in partnership with the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health and the Central Administration of Health Systems, launched “a line of financing that will support an artificial intelligence solution that will allow health professionals and SNS users to photograph dermatological lesions with neoplastic potential, using your cell phone, and receive an assessment of the respective risk level”.

In a released statement, the SNS explains that: “This Artificial Intelligence tool will make the most of the time of SNS dermatologists, qualifying the response to cases with a greater probability of malignancy”.

Fernando Araújo, director of the SNS, states, quoted in the note, that this solution is part of the promised strategy of “using innovative technologies to improve access, efficiency and quality of healthcare in Portugal”.

AI, continues the director, is “a complementary tool in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases and places the NHS among the most innovative and technologically disruptive health systems”.

He hopes that the competition, which has already been launched with an indicative value of 75 thousand euros, will be completed by the end of the first half of the year.


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