Sobyanin approved five projects to create places of employment | Society

Sobyanin approved five projects to create places of employment |  Society

The Moscow authorities approved five projects under the program to stimulate the creation of places of employment. Facilities that will bring almost 2 thousand jobs will appear in Zelenograd, Northern Administrative District and TiNAO. The head of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, spoke about this in his Telegram channel.

We are talking about the construction of a logistics complex in the Kryukovo area (ZelAO), office and retail premises in the Western Degunino area (SAO), as well as an educational complex (school with kindergarten), kindergarten and shopping center in the settlement of Marushkinskoye (TiNAO).

“Logistics complex [площадью более 34 тысяч квадратных метров] will appear near the Zelenograd-Kryukovo station MCD-3 – on the territory of the industrial zone of the Center for Informatics and Electronics. Office and retail premises [площадью не менее 9 тысяч квадратных метров] — not far from the Verkhnie Likhobory metro station. Educational complex, kindergarten and shopping center [общей площадью более 51 тысячи квадратных метров] — next to the Sanino MCD-4 station,” the mayor explained.

The program to stimulate the creation of employment opportunities was approved in 2019. Investors, thanks to whom new jobs are created during housing construction, receive benefits on payments for changing the type of permitted use of land for housing construction. Over the course of four years, similar projects covered almost all districts of Moscow.

Last week, Sobyanin announced the approval of three more projects as part of the program for creating places of employment. They concern the creation of three office complexes: two in the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki area and one in the Nagatinsky Zaton area.


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