Soccer player overturns in Saltillo | The Century of Torreón

Soccer player overturns in Saltillo |  The Century of Torreón

At full speed, a young man was trying to go to a soccer game in the south of the city, when, after losing control of the steering wheel, he ended up overturning his vehicle, leaving him unharmed in the accident.

The events were recorded on Monday night, when Gustavo boarded his vehicle on the Venustiano Carranza highway towards the west, in the municipality of Saltillo.

Upon arriving at the Nazario Ortiz Garza boulevard, at the height of the depression heading south of the Venustiano Carranza depression, the Real de Arteaga team player lost control of the steering wheel.

After hitting the concrete wall, the vehicle went out of control, finally overturning and leaving its tires facing the sky.

Those passing through the place stopped their march to help Gustavo, who managed to get out of the car on his own; while other motorists requested the presence of the authorities through the State Emergency System 911.

It transpired at the location that the young man intended to go to the Biblioparque Sur, where a soccer match would take place.

Red Cross paramedics assessed the man, who did not have life-threatening injuries and did not need to be transferred to a hospital.

Traffic Officers of the Municipal Police after becoming aware of the mishap, closed the circulation to allow elements of the Saltillo Fire Department to inspect the vehicle in order to prevent it from catching fire at any given time due to the fuel that was spilled on it. the pavement.

The Real de Arteaga team player who lost control of the steering wheel. (THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN)

The vehicle was removed from the site with the help of a crane and towed to the corralón, where once responsibilities are defined, the damage to municipal property will be repaired, and if necessary, the corresponding fines will be paid, it will be delivered. .

Once the fire extinguishers carried out work to remove everything that posed a risk to those traveling on the busy road, vehicular traffic was reopened.


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