Solidarity in Campanar, a neighborhood with two souls built on centuries-old orchards

Solidarity in Campanar, a neighborhood with two souls built on centuries-old orchards


Fire is an essential piece every year of the Valencia Fallas, but the uncontrolled fire at number 77 General Avilés Avenue has filled the Valencian neighborhood of Campanar with pain and mourning after consuming a residential block built in 2008 on an area of ​​centuries-old orchard and work land.

In this area of ​​the Valencian capital, traditional two-story buildings, a church and a small cemetery, coexist almost equally with large blocks of modern buildings. To the left side, large avenues and garden areas, on the right narrow streets and pedestrian paths.

Gone are the times when Campanar was an autonomous district, with its own mayor, at the end of the 20th century. In those years it was not integrated into the city center and the Tria River marked the natural limits of expansion.

Symbol of the last catharses of construction, today Today it is also represented by the unfinished Valencia stadium (Nou Mestalla). A little more than two blocks from the source of the fire, its works remain paralyzed in 2009.

Yesterday I spent the whole night crying, I couldn’t believe it, says a lifelong octogenarian from the Campanar neighborhood. From her doorway, three steps above street level, she contemplates without any kind of architectural barriers the charred remains of the homes.

The circus is set up on an adjoining lot every Christmas, but around this time two or three caravans of the carnies are parked badly.

A disgrace, a disgrace. It was all very fast, the woman says.

The help of the residents of Campanar

On the opposite side of the same roundabout, on a small ground floor, People keep coming to deliver food and clothing. It is the headquarters of the falla in the neighborhood. We will also be there on the weekend if necessary, Adriana points out while she attends to a woman who gives her baby clothes.

Another member of the failure confirms the start of the distribution of all donations through various points of the city that have been provided to them at City Hall. We have to keep the delivery locations confidential, he adds. After a few meters a group of psychologists begins the same route of help.


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