Speaker of Parliament: We stand behind President Sisi and the government to take any measures to defend the nation

Speaker of Parliament: We stand behind President Sisi and the government to take any measures to defend the nation

Safaa Essam El Din

Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 2:25 PM | Last updated: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 2:25 p.m

Jabali praised the role of media institutions: We seek their support to continue the hard work…and convey the truth in a time when credibility is valued.

Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that all Egyptian state authorities must cooperate in confronting any attempts to forcibly displace Palestinians to Egyptian territory, as this constitutes a serious assault on its lands and a violation of its security.

This came in the plenary session attended by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, to discuss a number of briefing requests submitted by some regarding Egyptian efforts towards the forced displacement of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Gebali said: We should confirm from within the hall of the Egyptian Parliament, that hall vibrant with the spirit of the Egyptian people and their living conscience, the Council’s categorical rejection; To coerce Palestinians into internal displacement or forcibly displace them outside their lands, specifically towards Egyptian lands in Sinai.

He continued: The House of Representatives, for its part, and in its capacity as the legislative authority, always seeks to preserve the supreme interests of the state from all risks of attack – whether from inside or outside, through the legislation it enacts that criminalizes any attacks on the security of the Egyptian state.

He added: In this regard, the Council affirms that the Egyptian legislative environment includes a set of legislations capable of deterring attempts to attack its security, whether from within or without, by imposing deterrent penalties for them, the goal of which is to establish security throughout the country and protect its systems and authorities. At the forefront of these legislations is the law Punishments, in the second book of which he specified an integrated punitive organization for crimes that harm the government’s security from abroad and within.

He then referred to the anti-terrorism law; Which considers every use of force, violence, threat, or intimidation at home or abroad to be a terrorist act, whenever its purpose is to disrupt public order, expose the safety, interests, or security of society to danger, or harm national unity or national security. Egyptian legislation is fully consistent with the international conventions and treaties ratified by Egypt, most notably the Fourth Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives called on the international community; The necessity of serious and effective pressure to achieve an immediate ceasefire and ensure full access to humanitarian and relief aid. For the Palestinian population in Gaza, to ensure the restoration of the basic necessities of life, he said: The House of Representatives, whispering in the ear of international parties with double standards, which publicly appear to be supporters of human rights; However, the occupying state supports its shameful actions towards the Palestinian people. Its support for destructive ideas that stand in the way of stopping the bloodshed in the occupied Palestinian territories means its participation in bearing responsibility for the violations and crimes committed against the Palestinians.

Jabali then pointed out that the House of Representatives cannot ignore the Egyptian people and our national media institutions regarding the events in Gaza, as the Egyptian people were able to bring about a radical change in Arab and international public opinion towards the truth of the Palestinian issue, and pushed many people around the world to; To reconsider their positions towards that issue, while the Egyptian media – public and private – were able to break stereotypes and challenge taboos in dealing with the Palestinian issue, and sought unique media coverage, the goal of which is to convey the events taking place in the Palestinian territories.

He explained that the Egyptian media conducted an accurate analysis of the course of events. In a way that contributed to enhancing the depth of knowledge among followers – whether inside or outside Egypt – regarding the Palestinian issue. Therefore, a heartfelt tribute to the honorable people of Egypt, whose true character has always been demonstrated in adversity and crises, and a tribute to our media institutions for their diligent work, and we encourage them to continue the hard work and convey the truth in a time when credibility is valued.

Gebali concluded by saying that the House of Representatives confirms that it stands firmly behind President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, and the Egyptian government, headed by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, in all the measures it takes to protect the homeland from any hidden attempts to harm it. Defending the homeland is defending… The Egyptian person, his identity, and his history, everything is given to him dearly and preciously.


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