Spectacular fall of a couple inside a mill in Puerto Naos

Spectacular fall of a couple inside a mill in Puerto Naos

Tuesday, February 13, 2024, 10:57

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two young people They fell from about eight meters high inside one of the mills of the old salt mines of Puerto Naos in Arrecife, as reported by the Emergency Consortium.

The alert to CECOES was made by the accident victims themselves this Monday about the 11:46 p.m.firefighters from the Lanzarote Emergency Consortium, the National and local Police, as well as an ambulance from the Canary Islands Emergency Service (SUC) moved to the area.

Already, at the scene of the event, the firefighters They proceeded to rescue the couple that had fallen and remained inside the mill.

Subsequently, they proceeded with the high-altitude rescue team to remove the injured, first with a assessment where they observed that both had various bruises and lacerations, then with the help of a hoist and a speleosocorro stretcher evacuated first to the young man and later to the injured woman.

Once outside they were assisted by health workers and finally they were transferred by ambulance to the Molina Orosa hospital.


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