Spectacular removal of scaffolding from Notre Dame Cathedral

Spectacular removal of scaffolding from Notre Dame Cathedral

A spectacular removal from the sky. It is the one started to Notre Dame of Parisafter almost five years of construction work for the reconstruction, to remove scaffolding and scaffolding that covered the top of the renowned French Cathedral, devastated by a fire in April 2019. Giant cranes lifted the blocks clearing the spire with the new golden rooster and cross. Many curious people went to admire this first step of rebirth, while a large part of the building remains caged in scaffolding.

Spectacular removal of scaffolding

In recent months there has been a speeding up of operations and the end of the reconstruction is approaching, with the reopening set for December 8th, a date eagerly awaited by Parisians and the millions of tourists who visited every year. Under the roof of the cathedral a has now been set up modern anti-fire misting system to avoid the recurrence of fires. However, the cathedral will not be open to the public during the next Paris Olympics which will begin on July 26. Only the rebuilt spire and roof are expected to be fully vacated by summer.


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