Stalker arrested, seeking information on acid

Stalker arrested, seeking information on acid

A 33-year-old ended up in prison in Milan, on the orders of the investigating judge Livio Cristofano, on charges of persecution and other crimes against his ex-girlfriend. With dozens of anonymous calls and messages, the boy began to harass the victim after she ended the relationship with him last September due to the 33-year-old’s increasingly possessive behavior. Among the most serious episodes contested by the prosecutor Giulia Floriscoordinated by the deputy prosecutor Letizia MannellaLhe introduction of the 33-year-old into the girl’s apartment in mid-October while he was abroad. According to the carabinieri of the Duomo company, the arrested person turned the house upside down, destroying the furnishings and gutting the bed and sofa with a knife. Furthermore, from the interceptions it emerges that a few days before the arrest the 33-year-old had called some commercial establishments looking for them information on an «acid to «dissolve metals». In addition to the persecutory acts, the 33-year-old is also accused of trespassing, unauthorized access to a computer system, damage and impersonation.

The victim had to quit his job

The investigations following the girl’s complaint to the Carabinieri in Rome where she took refuge in her parents’ home were conducted by the soldiers of the Porta Monforte company. «I currently find myself having lost my independence. I had been living alone in Milan for more than 8 years, I was an active and dynamic person, and now I am no longer even able to take a walk alone.” This is what the 32-year-old girl victim of the stalker, who also left her job, told the police.


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