Successive resignations in CHP

Successive resignations in CHP

Resignations followed one another in CHP. Those resignations came after authorized board meetings with a candidate selection agenda.

Gürsel Tekin, who was a CHP deputy for 4 terms and Istanbul Provincial Chairman, applied for Kadıköy Mayor candidacy. His name was later mentioned for the mayoralty of Esenyurt. However, he was not nominated from either district. Gürsel Tekin later announced that he resigned from his party with his social media post. Tekin stated that “the offices and positions in the party were distributed according to compatriot grouping relations, and those who contributed to the party were excluded.” “CHP has turned into a structure in which the headquarters does not even comply with the rules declared by itself, and where crony-sergeant relations are decisive instead of the spirit of camaraderie formed by principles,” he said. He said that he resigned because he had no opportunity to work in the current structure.

Gürsel Tekin stated that he was waiting for an answer from the headquarters to CNN TÜRK’s questions and statements regarding the reason for his resignation, and that he would speak after the headquarters management made a statement. Support for Tekin came from CHP Erzican Deputy Mustafa Sarıgül. “Gürsel Tekin is a value for CHP. Regardless of whether he leaves, he is not a politician. “The way to be successful is not through liquidation politics but through political and democratic courtesy,” he called.

Successive resignations in CHP

There was also criticism from Homeland Party Chairman Muharrem İnce about choosing a candidate. “CHP cannot give Esenyurt to the Secretary General. He cannot give Beykoz to his other general secretary. But he gives 30-year-old Çankaya to his lawyer. “There is no justice, there is no conscience.”

Another name who resigned from CHP is Adana Çukurova Mayor Soner Çetin. Çetin, who was not nominated again in Çukurova, criticized what happened during the candidate selection process and said, “They are trying to usurp the CHP.” He criticized, “We regretfully experienced a period in which narrow cadre formation within the party came to the fore and candidacies were distributed through crony relations.”

Successive resignations in CHP

Seyhan Mayor Akif Kemal Akay, who was not re-nominated, also resigned from CHP. In his post on his social media account, Akay said, “I resign from the CHP, which is unethically occupied by administrators who cannot tolerate a president whose success is accepted by the entire public and whose sole purpose is to plunder public resources.”


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