Super cool! “Super S Series” UTP CAT 6A and FTTR, flagship highlight products of 2024, Interlink PCL. Revolutionizing the signal network industry Reinforcing leadership in technology to develop Thailand…

Super cool! “Super S Series” UTP CAT 6A and FTTR, flagship highlight products of 2024, Interlink PCL.  Revolutionizing the signal network industry  Reinforcing leadership in technology to develop Thailand…

Better than ever before ! with new technological innovations in the digital age that are cooler than before For the important launch that shakes up the signal network industry. Super S Series”, a new product group that is the flagship of the year 2024 of the group “Interlink PCL. Communication” Emphasis on excellent quality Guaranteed by world standards Get ready to create a new standard in the industry that is the key to success. Reinforcing the image of a leader in signal cable products with the best evolution.

The event was successfully launched. Grand Opening “Super S Series” UTP CAT 6A and Fiber Optic To The Room Solution” At Paragon Cineplex with a 270 degree movie theater, join in creating a new experience. and step into the future together for new products under the name “Super S Series”
Where LINK ASIA joins hands with INTERLINK Communication Public Company Limited.
or Interlink Company Communication Public Company Limited is the Authorized Exclusive Distributor in Asia. It is the largest importer and distributor of signal cables in ASEAN and importer and wholesaler of signal network equipment. It is also the sole authorized distributor. Collaborate in inventing and developing new product groups. To answer the needs of the technology of the era Which today is ready to revolutionize the infrastructure system industry with the best new innovations.

product This Super S Series comes in the Concept: Smart Small Save with highlighted features:

  • Smart With a modern design and produced from advanced technology
  • Small It is small and provides high performance above the specified standards.
  • Save Helps save costs Including saving space for installation or Pathway and saving on maintenance costs.

which was launched this time Products in the group Super S Series launched with 2 solution groups: UTP CAT 6A and FTTR. With Mr. Tuwanon Singkhachorn who is Product Specialist in the Super S Series product group is the host and provides information and explains clearly the new products.

Starting with the product group UTP CAT 6A includes


It is designed under the concept 3 aspects “Smart Small & Save” It has a special structure than general CAT 6A UTP cable. Developed to the next level in terms of reducing Alien Cross Talk that exceeds standards Has a bending radius of 270 degrees, meeting installation needs. Resulting in saving space, being able to install more cables or using a smaller space for wiring. It also has another level of specialness that comes with Jacket that is FR-LSZH reduces fire spread from fires. and does not release toxic fumes which is considered to have advanced security suitable for use and environmentally friendly Including the intention to develop the line UTP CAT 6A is 20% smaller than before but still has benefits. and maintain full efficiency along with more special features It supports POE power up to 90W along with stable support for various IoT systems.

At the same time Important people were invited from LINK ASIA LIMITED Mr. Janattaphon Suprasongsin, Managing Director, joined in talking about “Why does the Super S Series have to be UTP CAT 6A?” Mr. Janattaphon added that “Because LINK is a Research & Development institute that we have been researching, researching and producing UTP cables for a long time. We have experienced the problems and needs of users all over the world. Both North America, South America, Europe and from Asia. Make it known that the heart of the user And what most installers want is a smaller product. but still effective has advanced technology It has a modern design. and can help save costs Therefore, we have invented and developed into the Super S Series in the UTP CAT 6A group with high capacity. and the speed reaches 10 per second, it is considered popular and responds effectively to users Both in the present and the future that is coming.”

In addition, it was honored by Mr. Suphadej Suthipongkanasai, program organizer and Network Engineer Founder and Engineer of VR Online Co., Ltd. and host of the Showdown program and Influencer in Technology came to talk about “Why Fiber Optic to The Room or FTTR Solution is the main structure of the future of Digital Infrastructure?” By Ajarn Suphadet Participate in trend updates Along with explanations and recommendations for those who want to use high-speed internet. Through the fiber optic system for maximum efficiency. To be able to apply it in planning the installation system to be suitable for use. Both in receiving and sending information quickly. for stability and responds to the trends of this digital technology era By describing the picture clearly. and understand the true benefits of installing a Fiber Optic to The Room or FTTR Solution system as well.

In the product group FTTR Solution from LINK is as follows:


for design in product groups Fiber Optic to The Room or FTTR This is considered to be the development of a product group that has been raised to another level. Both about design Smaller device size and functions that are easier to use Including saving costs and truly saves installation space In addition, it was developed to meet the needs of installing Fiber Optic everywhere. Because at present, just one Fiber Optic core can support a variety of technologies. and can be installed without limitations

In this regard, we received honor from important people who were highlights of the event. Sombat Anantarumporn, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Interlink Company Communication Public Company Limited and who understands the word Because the future is coming faster than you think. “The future will soon be here” as well as being the first Thai person to bring UTP cables or LAN cables to distribute in Thailand. Contribute information Emphasizing the key point of “Why is the Super S Series the flagship product of INTERLINK this year?” By adding that “Because UTP CAT 6A has high efficiency Meet the needs of users And it is still popular to have the main structure perfectly laid out. along with excellent support for the future So I’m sure that UTP CAT 6A Solution must be the best choice. Together with FTTR Solution which is considered the main structure of Digital Infrastructure that in the future will cover every area, as evidenced by the demand of users that has never decreased. Both in terms of speed (Speed) and capacity (Capacity), therefore, there is confidence that For new projects that are about to be built or want to develop and improve the area. Both in various industries as well as all departments. Every sector Products in the group of Super S Series UTP CAT 6A and FTTR are the best solutions. Because the company has planned and prepared in every dimension. In order to respond to the times that are always changing. Including determination to push and promote Such a solution becomes a new standard in the field of basic network technology. and has superior efficiency Complete in every aspect With strategy being the heart of the company “Quality products, cheaper prices and better service” Along with the longest product warranty in the market. There are international standards supported. It is also guaranteed by all sectors that place their trust in it. Believe in the product LINK AMERICAN as well because we believe that Super S Series products are the future for everywhere. And the future is coming faster than expected. The future will soon be here, along with clearly emphasizing that it is a flagship product that will be able to stimulate sales. Promote income for the company group Continuously growing and sustainable with absolute quality

You can order products.Super S Series” available today! Ready for sale…all channels Order products at or call for additional details at 02-666-1111.

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