‘Suphanat’ hits 2 goals ‘War Elephants’ beat Singapore 3-1 in World Cup qualifying match 2

‘Suphanat’ hits 2 goals  ‘War Elephants’ beat Singapore 3-1 in World Cup qualifying match 2

Suphanat Mueantha
World Cup qualifying round, Asia zone, match 2 between the Singapore national team. Meet the Thai national team On the evening of November 21 at the Singapore National Stadium. which corresponds to Thailand time 7:00 p.m.
For this pair, in the first match, the Singapore team lost to South Korea by 0-5 goals, while the Thai national team played at home, narrowly losing to the Chinese national team by 2-1 goals.
Before this match in Singapore, there was heavy rain. But it has no effect on the competition. Because the Singapore National Stadium, which holds more than 50,000 people, is modern and has a roof that can be opened and closed.
In this game, Mano Polking, the manager who was heavily pressured by fans and Thai media about his performance in the first match. Many positions have been changed. With the goalkeeper taking Kamphon Pathamarakkul as the starter. And from having Jay-Chanathip Songkrasin and Pansa Hemwibun injured from the first game. Resulting in the adjustment to replace Ekanit Panya. As for the position of Pansa, Elias Doloh was replaced and Suphan was adjusted. Thongsong comes to stand together. While “Mui” Teerasil who just recovered from his injury Returned to be named as a reserve
by the first 11 players of the Thai national team who entered the field wearing a blue uniform Consisting of numbers 1. Kamphon Pathamarakkul (GK), 3. Theerathon Bunmathan (C), 4. Elias Dawlo, 6. Sarach Yooyen,,7.Supachok Sarachat,8.Ekanit Panya,9.Supachai Jai Det, 14. Suphan Thongsong, 15. Nitipong Selanont, 16. Pithiwatt Sukjitthammakul and number 17. Suphanat Mueanta
This game is meaningful for both teams, who lost their first match together. Make this game both teams must win only. for a chance to advance to the next round If they lose, their hopes of advancing to the next round will immediately fade.
The game started with the Thai team immediately opening their offensive game and after just over 4 minutes, there were many Thai cheerleaders flocking together. The stands cheered loudly when 2 players from the J-League “Book” Ekanit Panya connected the ball to “Check” Supachok Sarachat and shot into the goal. Giving the “War Elephants” the Thai national team a quick 1-0 goal lead.
Then it was still the Thai national team. who controls the offensive game with superior control There were many more opportunities to score until the 41st minute when the home team attacked. Together in front of the Thai national team goal. The Thai defender made a mistake, causing Chaval Anour, who came on as a substitute, to convert from close range.
The remaining time the pair began to exchange turns attacking. Until the end of the first half it was tied 1-1.
In the second half, manager Mano Polking’s chair started to get hot. Adjust the back panel, take Kritsada. Kaman replaced Suphan Thongsong. The game started to get exciting as Singapore turned to attacking the Thai national team. Had a chance to look at the door. But Thailand still hasn’t missed it.
In the 63rd minute, Mano gave it his all and changed 3 people at once, sending “Mui” Teerasil Dangda on to replace “Arm” Supachai Jaided, Weerathep Pomphan instead of Pithiwat and Bodin Phala instead of Nitipong.
In the 65th minute, Thailand scored a 2-1 lead from the moment Mui went down to receive the ball before passing it on to Suphanat Mueanta, who fired from a narrow angle into the second post. Let the Thai national team lead again by 2-1 goals.
In the 80th minute, Suphanat had a chance to raise alone with the Singapore goal. Before striking with his right foot, the ball slipped but was blocked by the goalkeeper.
In the 87th minute, Thailand reinforced their win from Suphanat, like the same person. Shot into the corner to give the Thai national team a 3-1 lead.
The remaining time, both teams did not score any more goals. The time of the competition was over. The Thai national team came to win over Singapore 3-1, collecting 3 points, giving them a chance to win. The remaining matches will be played in early 2024.
Thailand has 3 points from 2 matches, ranking 2nd in the group after South Korea.

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